Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me, my family, my interests and why I like to blog about beauty, health and lifestyle issues.

I’m a 44 year old busy mum of three wonderful children – 2 girls aged 7 and 9, and a little boy who is just 3. Before I became a full time mum, I used to teach at a school for special needs children, and in my free time I still volunteer with them, providing both teaching and counselling. This is something which is very close to my heart and I am passionate about helping to give special needs children the opportunities and support they deserve, in a world where they often face many challenges and fears.

When I manage to find a small stretch of time when I’m not busy looking after my own 3 children or volunteering at the special needs school, I try to squeeze in some meditation whenever I can. I believe this is really beneficial for anyone who wants to try it, but I find it particularly useful to slow down after my own hectic days and practice mindfulness and calm breathing techniques.

My love of meditation reflects my personality and other interests, which include creating a healthy lifestyle encompassing skin care, hair care and a great diet, all of which contribue to disease prevention and a better way of living, for your overall long-lasting health and vitality. I really believe we can improve our health and lifestyle by taking a little extra care of ourselves, and I want to explore that through this blog.

These days, everyone is so busy that they sometimes forget about the importance of their health. Ever since the advent of convenience foods, takeaways, long working hours, computer games and smartphones, I feel that it has become increasingly important to make the effort to reconnect with ourselves and our bodies, for the sake of our health. Some people like to walk in the woods, others practice yoga and meditation. But however you like to relax, I want to help you keep yourself as healthy as possible, not just on the outside with natural ways to enhance your beauty, skin and hair, but on the inside too. In fact, I like to think that working on the inside by taking care of yourself and your nutrition, has an amazing effect on your external appearance too – you really will be ‘glowing!’

So, this is my mission – to learn, grow, blog about health, beauty, skin care, hair care and any other lifestyle issues which I come across, and which I think might be relevant, interesting and helpful to you. We all want the best for ourselves and our families, so let’s work together to do the best we can and create a little space to slow down in this chaotic and busy world! I don’t see this blog simply as a one-way collection of articles, but as a conversation, so I always welcome comments and contributions so we can learn from each other.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I wish you Happy Healthy Living!