The Pursuit of the Fountain of Youth

Wrinkles seem to be the dreaded sign of aging, regarded with fear and horror with each passing day. Men and women alike race to dermatologists and spas to undergo the latest in anti-wrinkle treatments, all in pursuit of the proverbial fountain of youth. Unfortunately, some available products are merely ineffective, while others are downright detrimental to users’ overall health. Which instant wrinkle fillers are the best? The victors are declared below.

First: Categories

Wrinkle fillers are not a one-size-fits-all operation. For this reason, the best wrinkle fillers have been identified according to the category in which they fall: injection, cream, supplement, and other. These categories rely upon the wants and needs of the user, and factor in variables such as:

  • Price
  • Pain Level
  • Immediacy
  • and Maintenance.

Injection: Botox

The first superlative is Botox. Falling under the injection category, Botox is a toxin injected into the face to prompt a freezing response. This particular treatment is effective, because it (temporarily) paralyzes the muscles responsible for incurring and deepening wrinkles, (temporarily) relieving the user of wrinkles, and creating a smoother, more even finish. Within 3-5 days, users should see a noticeable change in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This particular treatment lasts for 3-4 months before it needs to be repeated, and typically falls somewhere between $200-$600.

Because Botox does require an injection, this method is not recommended for the squeamish; although you are not required to watch the needle entering your skin, the forehead and around the eyes are the most common sites for injection, and will be more painful due to the thin nature of the area. Although most find the pain easily manageable, this may be best left to men and women with decent pain tolerance levels, and without an aversion to needles or inflammation.

Cream: Regen FX

Regen FX is a cream from Regen FX Skincare. This cream is comprised of peptides, vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid. These combined ingredients make up an advanced anti-aging serum that not only fills wrinkles, but encourages the growth and production of collagen and other naturally-occurring agents within the body to fight aging from the outside-in.

Regen FX comes in near the middle of the spectrum; it must be purchased regularly and comes in at around $40 for a bottle (or, depending on use, $40 every 1-2 months). The serum is created without the use of parabens, and is created in the USA, making it a great choice for men and women on a budget, who are hesitant to enlist a potentially harmful substance, and who prefer American-made products.

Supplement: Collagen

Collagen is a substance naturally occurring in the body. It is responsible for the “plump” appearance of skin in one’s youth, and its lack is largely responsible for the face (and body) becoming slack, thin, and papery in appearance. Enter: collagen supplements. Collagen supplements come in many shapes and sizes, but the best supplement will come from a natural source such as bovine gelatin, rather than being a synthetic mimicry created in a lab. Although collagen supplements come in all shapes and sizes, most companies provide either a capsule or a powder option. Either option provides your body with additional reserves to plump up and enliven skin.

As with all new supplements, consult your physician before adding something new to your routine; failing to do so could result in a reaction with existing supplementation or medication. If any adverse reactions occur after using, cease use immediately.

Because collagen is a supplement, this wrinkle fix will not show up immediately (though visible results can occur as quickly as one week), and continuous use must be maintained to reap ongoing results. Prices range from $20 for a two-month supply, to $80 for a one-month supply. This will depend upon brand, quality, and size. Fortunately, this method does not involve pain or undue stress.

Other: Frownies

Frownies provide quick, temporary results for men and women seeking a fast fix for wrinkles, and are best used as an occasional indulgence for evenings out or special events. Frownies are applied to the area with wrinkles, and left on for 30 minutes to 3 hours to smooth wrinkles and encourage the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles to relax. This creates a smooth, even finish that typically lasts anywhere from 2-8 hours. Frownies are relatively inexpensive ($15 for just under 150 applications), and are not known for causing any sort of allergic reaction or causing any pain.

This method is best used for men and women without deep lines, and with a desire to “boost” their appearance for a short period of time, such as a wedding or other special event. No real danger is associated with Frownies, making them a great option for pain-free, inexpensive, short-term change.

Which Is Right For You?

Each of the products identified above have drawbacks, and they all have selling points. When looking at your own needs, consider:

  • Budget – What can you afford? Is $400 every 3-4 months feasible, or is a $20, 2-month supply of supplement more beneficial to your monetary needs? Although it may be tempting to break the bank for an all-out treatment or regular anti-aging procedures, going over budget will cause more stress and will, in the long run, be counter-productive in your anti-aging efforts.
  • Speed – Most treatments (even expensive ones) do not provide instant results. Frownies take a few hours to smooth wrinkles (but only last a day), creams typically take 2-8 weeks for demonstrable results, supplements take 208 weeks, and Botox requires 3-5 days. Take the immediacy of your needs into account before making the leap toward any one treatment.
  • Pain Level – With the exception of Botox and other, more invasive treatments, few anti-aging routines cause significant pain. If pain is a factor, however, your needs are likely far away from surgical and medical procedures, and lie in the realm of topical applications and supplementation.
  • Maintenance – Are you seeking a treatment that requires a single effort every few months, or one that requires diligence and consistency, such as a supplement or serum? If you are prone to “falling of the wagon” with regard to skincare routines, Botox may be your best option; you are not required to apply anything or keep a routine going. If you have no problem setting and implementing a routine, supplementation and cream use will suit you.

Whatever you choose, be realistic about both your needs, and your expected results. Doing so will mean the difference between seeing serious results, and failing to make a change.

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