With the many microneedle rollers (also known as derma rollers) available on the market these days selecting one may seem quite daunting. As you consider which roller to purchase you may find yourself plagued by questions such as whether or not micronedling will work on your skin condition and what the best rollers available on the market are?

Here are five tips that can help you select the best microneedle roller for you:

  1. Know your skin
  2. Learn what a dermaroller is used for
  3. Buy only from reputable sellers
  4. Research what previous buyers say about the product
  5. Ensure that the roller you purchase has the correct needle length

Although the dermaroller or microneedle roller is a great tool to treat certain skin conditions, it is by no means a miracle device and it is not the answer to all your skin problems. With this in mind it is important for you to know what your skin conditions are before you go out and purchase a dermaroller. If you only have a superficial skin condition which does not go beyond the epidermis, then it is quite likely that dermarolling can help with that issue. So, what are superficial skin conditions? These include light scars from acne, rough skin surfaces and light stretch marks.


You Should Not Choose a Dermaroller Based Solely on Price

With the range of rollers available online you may be tempted to think they are all the same but I assure you they are not! Do not go out and purchase the cheapest dermaroller simply because you think they are all the same. The first derma roller was a high grade device made to be used strictly by doctors. Over time however, dermarollers were made available to regular consumers. These early consumer dermarollers were of the highest quality and used high grade medical needles. Nowadays, the market is heavily saturated with low grade dermarollers which are available online for fewer than ten dollars. Using these inferior rollers can be quite risky as the needles may rust quickly, break or impale your skin.


Only Buy From Reputable Sellers

For reasons such as reliability, it is usually best to purchase your roller straight from the manufacturer. That is not to say however, that you cannot find great rollers online and on sites like Amazon you can get great deals as well! One advantage of purchasing on these sites is that the retailers usually offer seller protection. You can also find customer feedback about the product and this can help you to decide if it is a good purchase. When you are buying on sites such as eBay, ensure that you buy from a seller with great feedback and that the roller you buy is from a reputable brand. Three of the best brands available are Scientia, Dr. Roller and New Spa.


Read Online Reviews

I’ve made mention of a few of the brands that I think make great dermarollers but you can also look at what other customers are saying about them. Take some time to review what customers with skin conditions similar to yours have to say about the different dermarollers they have tried. This can be a good indication whether or not it is a good brand and if it will work for you.


Get the Right Length Needle

While it is important to buy microneedle rollers from trusted sellers and reputable brands, this isn’t enough. It is also important that you purchase a dermaroller with the correct needle length.

It is important to note that longer needles typically penetrate much deeper than the shorter ones. It is generally recommended that beginners use a needle that is either 1.0mm or 1.5mm in length. These lengths are more likely to be safe and effective. If however you have sensitive skin, you should consider starting with a roller which measures 0.5mm in length. Unless you are a certified beautician or you have adequate experience using a derma roller, you should refrain from using rollers that are longer than 2.0mm. A final tip is to clean your skin thoroughly before you do dermarolling and also ensure that you have a good skin care regimen after dermarolling.