The Secret to a Clearer and Smoother Skin

Scars show up for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’ve just had a baby, or taken a nasty spill. Perhaps an emergency surgery was the father of a large incision scar, or a slip of the kitchen knife while cooking. There are many different types and sizes of scars, but one thing can be agreed upon: most people would like to erase these raised or pitted marks, to reveal smooth, clear skin underneath. Bio Oil, a multifunctional skincare tool, seeks to ease the woes of having scars.

What is Bio Oil?

Bio Oil is a combination of moisturizing oils, headed by mineral oil. Other components within the product include:

  • Lavender
  • Soybean
  • Rosemary
  • Sunflower,

as well as a handful of other ingredients to amplify scent and preserve the mixture. This formula was created to provide an intensely hydrating serum that promotes cell regeneration and skin softening, which frequently results in the healing of scars, and may prevent the development of stretch marks and other hydration-related marks. The cream is not a miracle worker, and must be applied consistently in order to provide optimal results.

What is the Product’s Background?

Bio Oil was launched in 2002 to a global market, and has since won 242 skincare awards. It is recognized as a premium stretch mark oil, and is created with the greatest of care; the oil is manufactured in a heavily tested and regulated facility to ensure all bottles are free from bacteria and other contaminants, and is created in a facility with a devotion to green production, including using recyclable materials, and using creation techniques that do not create hazardous emissions or wastewater. Because its formulation is considered gentle and non-toxic, the product is safe for use by pregnant women. 

What Can It Be Used For?

The serum has many uses, though its primary purpose is to reduce (or avoid) the appearance of scars—particularly stretch marks. The oil is light and non-greasy, however, and may also be used as a basic moisturizer, to even skin tone, and to ward off the signs of aging. It is extremely versatile in its use and, at a low price point, is a staple in the medicine cabinets of men and women of all ages, and with a wide range of needs.

How Should the Formula Be Applied?

The oil does contain oils and, as such, should be applied to clean, dry skin; placing the oil on wet skin may result in the product’s failure to soak in properly and demonstrate its full effects. Apply to clean, dry skin twice per day (morning and night), and avoid any areas of the skin that might be irritated or broken. With consistent, twice-daily use, the serum should provide hydrated, recharged skin with drastically reduced scar visibility and increased luminescence.

What Do Customers Say?

The majority of users are happy with their experience. Scars range quite drastically, from thin cat-scratch scars running the length of an arm, to small, dime-sized acne scars on the face—and most were greatly reduced (or disappeared entirely) with 2-4 months of twice-daily use.

Men and women middle aged and older found the oil a suitable replacement for many, more expensive anti-aging products, as this product lessened the appearance of redness, tightness, and spots, and created a richer, more even skin tone. Some customers found that the serum decreased the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well, through heavy hydration and the plumping effect of the plant oils.

This product is also lauded by many users for its effect on stretch marks. Although most of these users caution potential new customers to be patient, and wait at least two weeks of regular use to see results, most were ecstatic to find a significant reduction in the appearance of stretch marks within two months of consistent use, with most seeing their stretch marks fade almost entirely within 4 months. For new mothers (and even expectant mothers), this formula comes highly recommended.

While many users were pleased with the product, its ingredients did tend toward irritation among the sensitive-skinned. Individuals with sensitive skin often found that their skin burned or itched at the applied areas. Still others were disappointed to find that the product had little effect after finishing a two ounce bottle, with some users seeing an actual enlarging of scars and discolorations with regular use. It should be noted that these users are certainly in the minority, and many even found the product useful, but could not abide its scent.

For anyone on the fence, many existing users cautioned to apply the oil as directed: on clean, dry skin twice per day, for at least eight weeks. Most users who saw significant results followed this regimen, and reaped the results.

Are There Any Associated Dangers?

It should be noted that the main ingredient of Bio Oil is mineral oil—a substance that is known to cause some irritation in sensitive skinned individuals. Mineral oil is frequently seen as a non-absorptive oil, making it a popular ingredient in conditioners and lotions, as it creates a moisturized barrier and sheen—but fails to sink deeply into skin.

Although this does not typically constitute a serious problem, it can cause regular irritation, and may results in additional redness and slight information for men and women with skin prone to breakouts and rashes. Before using, men and women should conduct a small patch test to determine efficacy and safety.

Is Bio Oil a Worthy Investment?

Countless men and women have benefitted from the serum as a means of treating scars, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. Although there are a handful of individuals who did not find the product helpful, the budget-friendly price tag of the product renders this a no-brainer: for the potential results, a $10 price tag is a worthy investment, and many drugstores accept returns of defective products. If you suffer from discoloration, scarring, or dry skin, Bio Oil may be just the pick-me-up you need.

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