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Skincare is increasingly important to men and women of all ages. Increasingly, studies demonstrate the importance not only of washing one’s face, but also the importance of counteracting free radicals and limiting sun exposure. Although there are countless product lines available to offer protection, navigating them can be tricky—particularly drugstore brands, as there are dozens of “good” brands. Drugstore brands are also increasing in popularity, as they are both affordable and accessible. One such brand is Boots No. 7.

Who Is Behind the Boots Company?

Boots is a pharmacy chain based in Great Britain. The line is created by the Boots pharmacy, and is found in most Walgreens and other drugstores. Boots No. 7 was created to offer customers an affordable, effective anti-aging skincare line dedicated to providing not only quality ingredients at a low price, but also visible results.

What Is Considered “Affordable?”

Boots No. 7 products, by and large, come in under $50, making it affordable for most men and women of average incomes—and even lower. Although these products do not boast the expensive ingredients, labels, and packaging of many department store brands, they have been proven to be as effective as many leading department store products, without the hefty price tag. Some do go over the $50 average, but even these are under $100, and offer quality results at a fraction of the cost.

What Are This Line’s Most Popular Products?

No. 7 has numerous products available, but the three most popular include:

  • Protect and Perfect Serum
  • Lift and Luminate Day Cream
  • Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

Each of these products offers a different aspect of anti-aging, but all are intended to infuse hydrate and improve the appearance of skin.

Protect and Perfect

The Protect and Perfect Serum utilizes peptides, antioxidants, and plant extracts to improve the appearance of aging skin. Typically, users see fuller skin, fewer wrinkles, and an overall “glow” after 12 months of consistent use, while visible results take only 4 weeks, among most customers. This particular product is useful for men and women with sensitive skin, as the formula is hypoallergenic, and is gentle even with every day use.

Most Protect and Perfect users were pleased with their purchase. Most users saw the greatest difference in fine lines; one user raved about the disappearance of her smile lines on a matter of weeks. With consistent use, most please customers saw a drastic reduction in fine lines, dryness, and the “dull” appearance often brought about by age—some as young as twenty, others in their sixties and beyond. This formula functions as a one-size-fits-all anti-aging remedy.

Although the majority of users were pleased with No. 7’s results, some disgruntled users found that, although fine lines and wrinkles were beginning to disappear, acne and/or rashes sprang up in their place. Those prone to breakouts may want to avoid this product, and seek a lighter formula.

Lift and Luminate

Boots’ Lift and Luminate Day Cream is a cream intended to battle fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging. With regular use, this cream (using peptides and plant products) creates more youthful skin through lifting and toning, reducing age spots, and reducing fine lines. The cream also contains sun protection, making it not only a treatment for existing signs of aging, but a preventative measure against additional damage.

Most Lift and Luminate customers express contentment with their results. Over 75% of one group gave the product 4 stars or higher, citing it as the source of their skin’s brighter, more youthful glow. An unexpected bonus was discovered by many L and L users: many found that, in addition to tightening skin and easing fine lines, the cream reduced redness in skin, creating a more even, bright complexion.

Although there are only a handful of complaints, some users did find the cream too heavy for morning use, and instead relegated the product to nights, when a heavier, greasier feeling is easier to bear. Some users continued purchasing as a night cream, while others opted to search for a lighter day cream.

Beautiful Skin Hydration

The Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask is a product specifically formulated for dry skin. Although combination skin can, potentially, benefit from using this formula, it does provide intense hydration, and may prove too oily for some. Using a combination of compounds and cocoa butter, the Hydration Mask is applied for a few minutes while it penetrates easily, then is washed away to reveal a smooth, well-hydrated surface.

Many users compared the luxurious feeling of Beautiful Skin to a spa treatment—and most were pleased with the plump, smooth finish left behind after the mask was rinsed away. Although users did urge prospective customers to adhere to the recommended usage (2 times per week), few discovered ill effects with every day use, and some even used the mask as a night cream. With consistent use, customers reported plumper, brighter skin, with fewer outbreaks of dryness and flaking skin.

Again, although most reviews were positive, some customers did not feel that this product was rich enough to use as a mask. These customers usually, instead, used the mask as a moisturizer, and sought heavier products for masked hydration.

Other Items of Note

Boots No. 7 is dedicated to avoiding all animal testing, and is therefore considered cruelty-free. Although this may not matter to some, men and women seeking skincare products without animal testing often come up empty-handed. Fortunately, the Boots line does not test on animals for any of their formulas, making Boots an excellent choice for individuals concerned with animal welfare.

Overall: Is Boots No. 7 a Quality Line?

Based on customer reviews and quality testing, Boots No. 7 is a high-quality drugstore line. Although it may not boast the rapid results of some more expensive products, it does provide the results promised in due time (typically within 4-6 weeks). The line includes products for all ages and skin types, and includes makeup and other more frivolous products. For men and women on a smaller budget, No. 7 has a lot to offer.

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