If you are looking to purchase a Derma Roller otherwise known as a Microneedle Roller, you may find yourself being overwhelmed by all the different varieties and brands that are available. Don’t feel bad! I was in the exact same situation when I first started out with microneedling. Many people feel the exact way that you do. That is why I would like to share with you some helpful tips on how to select the right roller.




Why are You Interested in Dermarolling in the First Place?

If you have stretch marks, you are like me and 80% of all women around the world. Find out if microneedling is effective on stretch marks and what to look out for by clicking on the link below: 


If you are suffering from hair loss, you may be wondering if dermarolling really helps and whether any particular type of roller works better for this purpose. Although I don’t suffer from hair loss myself, I’ve done some research and the findings are surprising:


Another common use of microneedles is the treatment of scars. This is where I have first-hand experience – find out which rollers are the best for this purpose and whether it will work on all type of scars:


 My Personal Experience With Microneedling & Tips On How You Can Get The Most Out of It


 I Recommend Using The New Spa Derma Roller

I recommend this roller because I believe it offers the best balance between quality & price.

As you will see from my story below, the first brand of roller I used was the Dr. Roller brand. While I think it is still the best in terms of quality, it was a bit of a strain on my budget, because derma rollers have to be changed every 3 to 6 months or so. So I was delighted when I got the New Spa roller for under $25.

The New Spa roller is now my regular roller and I like that it is a very sturdily constructed unit with none of the squeakiness that you get with cheaper rollers. The needle quality is also high and does not become bent or blunt with prolonged use.

After about 6 months of regular microneedling, I found that the acne scars on my cheeks and temples are much less obvious (a 60% improvement if you ask me to put a number to it).

I started off using the 1.5mm model and stepped up to the 2.0mm length after my skin got conditioned to microneedling. Now I do not do microneedle treatment so frequently, but I still do maintenance treatment every 2 weeks or so using 1.5mm needles.



My Top 5 Tips On Selecting The Right Roller

Derma rolling is a beauty or skin treatment method that is known to many as Micro Needling and Skin Rolling. It is used to treat skin blemishes such as acne, stretch marks and scars by pricking the skin with tiny needles. How does this work? Well, a good microneedle will create micro tears in the skin, which causes the skin to make new tissues and collagen to repair itself. Over time, with continued derma-rolling the skin produces new skin cells which lead to better looking skin.

Tip 1: Cheaper isn’t always better

I bought my first Micro Needle roller on E-bay for under $15. To me it looked just like the more expensive ones and I was so excited to own one and for such a steal at that! My excitement didn’t last long. After using it for about a week or two, the needles started to fall out and there was rust forming on it. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed but I decided to give micro needling another chance. After all, many people have tried it with great success, so I decided to do a bit more research.

Tip 2: What the manufacturers of dermarollers don’t want you to know

Through my research, I was able to learn that the first micro needle rollers were made in Germany and were used almost entirely by dermatologists. Over time however, they were mass produced to be used by ordinary consumers like you and me. The first dermarollers that were available to consumers on the market were quite expensive, selling for more than $100 but they were of excellent quality. It didn’t take long for cheap, imitation products to flood the market at the detriment of unsuspecting consumers like myself when I bought that poorly made knock-off. My research helped me to realize that you can’t just go off what manufacturers say about their products, you have to do your own homework in order to determine the best product for you.

Tip 3: Check those customer feedbacks

When I was ready to make another purchase, I decided that I was only going to buy one that had a lot of positive reviews from actual customers. Dr. Roller was the brand to catch my attention first. It had excellent reviews on Amazon, so I bought it and I was genuinely blown away by it. It was of good quality and quite durable as well. The only negative thing was that it was somewhat expensive. It sells for about $40 or more.

A while later, I got lucky and discovered a brand called New Spa. This brand had amazing reviews on Amazon and what’s more, the price was about half the price of the Dr. Roller brand! Obviously, I decided that I needed to give this thing a try, so I bought it.

After about three months of using the New Spa derma roller twice a week on my face, I noticed that the scars from my acne on my cheeks and temples were significantly improved. It is recommended that you change your roller after every three to six months of use, so after about one year and three New Spa rollers, my scars have improved by about fifty to seventy percent! They are now so faded that they can barely be seen under my makeup. How amazing is that?!


Tip 4: What you should know about needle length

The length of the needle is an important consideration when shopping for a roller. Choosing the right length needle is important for your safety as well as to ensure that you get the very best results. If you are a novice at derma rolling and you are planning to it at home by yourself, it is best that you stay away from rollers with needles that are longer than 2.0mm. I say this because longer needles will undoubtedly be more painful, especially if it is used on the face or if your skin is not accustomed to derma rolling. Another thing to consider is that you may cause accidental injury to your skin or nerves if you use longer needles. It is therefore recommended that beginners use a roller with needles measuring either 1.0mm or 1.5mm in length.

Tip 5: What to look for when shopping for micro needle rollers

In conclusion, the following is what you should look for when shopping for a great micro needle roller:

  1. Cheaper isn’t better. A low price should not be your main focus when buying a microneedle roller.
  2. Choose the correct needle length
  3. Look for a respected brand
  4. Pay attention to what other consumers say about the product in their reviews.





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