It is safe to assume that you have heard about high frequency facial treatment and the DermaWand  from television infomercials or programs such as Rachael Ray or the Dr Oz Show. However, you might be wondering if this treatment is built around proven technology or if all the benefits touted and user testimonials are realistic.

As someone who has been through numerous sessions of professional high frequency facials,  I have seen how effective the larger commercial high machines are. However, the single issue of concern that I had is whether those who use the smaller handheld devices at home could find them just as useful.

After much investigation and research I discovered the following:

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Does High Frequency Treatment Benefit Your Skin?

High frequency beauty therapy has been in use well since early last century. Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval, a French inventor, initially created a functional device that later came to be known as the d’Arsonaval.

The device works by delivering an alternating high-frequency electric current to the human skin through an electrode made of glass. Both thermal and electrical energy are delivered when the device gets into contact with the skin. This energy stimulates underlying skin collagen, cells, and kills bacteria by producing oxidized Oxygen (Ozone).

Apparently, this is not a fad. A study conducted in Spain by researchers in the medical field has shown that high frequency therapy may have an outcome of increased skin elastic fibre and collagen. This means that with repeated use of the technology, the end result is that skin appears tighter, more supple and fuller.


What to Expect

One of the benefits experienced by most of the consumers is instant pore size reduction. Other consumers have also reported having a feeling of tighter and fuller skin. Those consumers who have used the treatment over an extended period of time have reported decreased appearance of fine lines.

Individuals have diverse types of skin and different skin conditions which depends on their genetic makeup, age, background, and past damage on the skin such as overexposure to Ultraviolet light. Therefore, each person experiences noticeable outcome at a varied speed.

Even if, you might be encouraged when you study about positive results reported by other users, it would be unwise to expect the same to happen to you. This is the type of outcome that other individuals experience, you should be careful not to evaluate and compare your end results with other individuals, especially when you have no clear information about their exact skin condition.

For instance, if you are twenty five years old with moderately elastic skin, you might not notice the tightening of your skin as rapidly or as significantly as somebody who is fifty years old.


Additional Information to Consider Before Starting Treatment

As indicated above, high frequency facial treatment is a proven technology and not a rip-off. For a long time, this treatment has been used by dermatologists and beauticians using big commercial equipment. However, the only difference is that Derma Wand has made the technology safer for use at home and has also made it a bit cheaper for the consumers.

Here are some factors to be take into consideration before using the device:


Devices without FDA Approval

You will find many devices available in the marketplace today are not FDA approved like the Dermawand is. Almost invariably, these non FDA approved devices are most likely not thoroughly tested for conformity as per existing safety standards expected for beauty and medical devices.

For obvious reasons, I do not advocate the use of such devices.


Safety and Health Issues

Although high frequency therapy is normally safe, there is need to be cautious before subjecting yourself to the treatment. For instance, if you have any heart condition, particularly if you have a pacemaker installed; you should avoid using this treatment since it involves use of static electricity.

If you suffer from any condition associated with the nervous system or if you have epilepsy, you should avoid using this treatment. Pregnant women too should avoid using this therapy.

Avoid using this on hairy skin parts and on skin that has open wounds. You should not use this on healed scars or scars undergoing the healing process and also on skin that has extensive metallic fillers beneath.

An alternative to high frequency facials would be using facial serums that can tighten the skin on the face. These tend to work on more superficial layers of the skin and require daily application. Examples would be top quality hyaluronic acid & vitamin c serums and serums that contain peptides.

If you have any doubts whether the use of high frequency facials may be incompatible with a condition you have, consult your physician first.