The Short answer is No. With any product, there will be people who swear by it and others who feel ripped off. Based on our research scanning through numerous forums, E-commerce sites and reviews, we find that the majority of consumers found this product to have worked for them. That said, there are some who feel that the product hasn’t worked as well as they had expected and felt that money wasn’t well spent.

It is important to realize that individuals have diverse types of skin and different skin conditions which depends on their genetic makeup, age, background, and past damage on the skin such as overexposure to Ultraviolet light. Therefore, each person experiences noticeable outcome at a varied speed.

Even if, you might be encouraged when you study about positive results reported by other users, it would be unwise to expect the same to happen to you. This is the type of outcome that other individuals experience, you should be careful not to evaluate and compare your end results with other individuals, especially when you have no clear information about their exact skin condition.

For instance, if you are twenty five years old with moderately elastic skin, you might not notice the tightening of your skin as rapidly or as significantly as somebody who is fifty years old.