The Powerful Skin Hydrator with Antibacterial Properties

A glance at any magazine will reveal countless articles discussing the alleged “secret” of one culture or people group—the holy grail of flawless skin. Although these articles often hype their discussed products, or inflate their real results, there are some products whose results reflect their claims. Egyptian Magic is one such cream. Touted as the Ancient Egyptians’ secret to beautiful skin, Egyptian Magic may make a perfect addition to your skincare regimen.

What is Egyptian Magic?

Egyptian Magic is a skin cream designed to improve the overall appearance and texture of skin. Considered an all-purpose cream, Magic works on all skin types to improve elasticity, decrease breakouts, and generally beautify the face. Only a small amount is required to be effective, making it an ideal cream for men and women in search of a small, simple skincare remedy that is safe to purchase while on a budget.

Egyptian Magic is intended for all ages and skin types, and functions as both an anti-aging treatment and a maintenance treatment. This means the cream is suitable for everyone, from age 13 to age 90. Although it is not typically considered a catch-all treatment for those in the advanced stages of aging, it is an excellent balm to include in a heavier anti-aging system.

Why Is It So Effective?

EM is effective because it contains a series of high-quality, natural ingredients. These ingredients center largely around the honey bee, and include beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis extract. All of these nutrient-dense ingredients are fused together using olive oil—a powerhouse in and of itself. Olive oil is known to work well as a moisturizer, making it an excellent carrier for the bee products—which might find it a bit harder to sink into skin.

Bee pollen and other products are increasingly understood as powerful skincare ingredients, as Burt’s Bees can attest: these tiny creatures are capable of more than simply creating honey. They are able to create incredible anti-bacterial material that essentially insulates them from harm and disease—material that human beings are not ignorant of. In addition to providing powerful antioxidants for skin health, bee products (including pollen and honey) are hailed as having potent medicinal properties.

Are There Any Associated Dangers?

Although this is rare, anyone with an allergy to bees or bee products should steer clear. Although this may seem like an obvious clarification, many men and women fail to truly search through and identify the ingredients in their skincare products. Be aware, then, that bee products make up the bulk of this cream.

Additionally, some users with severe acne found that the cream was too rich for them, as it worsened breakouts. Those with oily skin might want to exercise caution as well; although it is by no means bad for oily skin, using too much could have the opposite effect of what is likely intended. When using, be sure to rub only a small amount onto the hands and face, and always complete a patch test before extensive use.

What Do Actual Customers Say?

Customers are, by and far, pleased with this cream. Some use it as an all-in-one treatment and moisturizer, while others use it solely as a night cream, due to its rich texture. Still others found that it worked well as a healing balm, and was applied to eczema outbreaks and even tattoos. Customers are largely pleased with the texture of the cream, despite it having an oil base, and find that even if a slight sheen is left behind immediately after application, this typically fades within minutes.

Customers who used this product for anti-aging were quick to warn that it is not a miracle worker; it will hydrate skin, undoubtedly, and bring vivaciousness and a youthful glow to skin, but it will not fill deep wrinkles, or make an eighty year old face look 35. Those going in with realistic anti-aging expectations were quite pleased with the end result after consistent use.

Many men and women save this product for winter. Because it is a heavier moisturizer, some have found that it works better as a way to calm winter flakiness and dryness, rather than an all-year, every-day moisturizer.

Still others used the cream on their children—particularly as an antidote to eczema. Because the ingredient list is short and comprised entirely of natural items, many moms and dads feel comfortable using this product on their infants and children. This makes it an ideal cream for men and women with sensitive skin as well, as it does not contain any harsh, laboratory-chemical ingredients capable of drying or damaging skin.

Although most users expressed happiness with their experience using the product, there were a few whose experience was not the most impressive one out there. Some customers purchased their products from a third-party retailer and received counterfeit items. Others found that the cream was simply too greasy, and were unable to use it. Still others thought the cream worked well, and did its job, but did not deliver the powerhouse results often promised in commercials and advertisement.

Still others liked the cream as a moisturizer, but found it too difficult to use regularly, as it caused breakouts on acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, this does seem to be a common problem. As such, it may be best avoided by men and women with acne-prone skin.

Is Egyptian Magic Worth It?

Ultimately, EM is not a miracle cream. It will not magically turn the clock back twenty years, nor will it clear skin of all pimples and spots. What it will do, however, is increase the health and vitality of skin, releasing anywhere from 10-15 years rom your skin. This particular product is not merely used for face; many men and women who suffered from seasonal or hormonal dryness found relief only after using EM consistently.

Individuals in search of a powerful hydrator with antibacterial properties need not look any further. EM is not only a strong moisturizer, but a strong antioxidant, laying the foundation for smooth, soft skin.

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