Me Elos Hair Removal Devices: Which Is Right For You?

Laser hair removal has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, going so far as to be welcomed into a home skin-care market. There is one aspect of laser hair removal that seems to have stalled in progression, however: compatible skin tones. Most removal systems require all users to have light skin and medium or dark hair in order to function properly, with many warning that improper use (i.e. use on dark skin or light hair) may result in burns or other serious injury. Enter: Me Elos—an innovative company eradicating this problem.

How Do Me Elos Systems Work?

Most at-home hair removal systems use light pulsing technology to zap at the root, either killing the follicle, or stunning it long-term to hamper growth. Unfortunately, these systems target the root by differentiating the dark spot among a sea of light color, using color-guidance to target. Understandably, the machines are stumped when it comes to dark hair or dark skin; they do not know what to target.

Unlike these other devices, Me Elos uses a combination of light-pulse technology and what amounts to a radio frequency. Rather than relying solely upon targeting differences in color, radio frequency technology allows the device to differentiate based upon texture: that of the follicle, and of the skin. This allows dark skin (or light hair) to be treated safely and effectively. This technology is a breakthrough in the industry, as it finally provides men and women with:

  • Dark skin and dark hair
  • Dark skin and light hair
  • Light skin and light hair
  • Light skin and medium hair

The opportunity to use at-home hair removal devices.

Syneron Pro Ultra

The Syneron Pro Ultra is the 2013 addition to the Me Elos family. It contains a cartridge with 120,000 pulses, and is designed for use on all areas of the body, including the face. As a Me Elos system, it is suitable for use with all hair and skin types. Each unit comes with a cartridge, protective cover, device, power cord, and detailed instruction manual. For greater coverage, additional pieces may be purchased, including an epilator and shaver. Replacement cartridges may also be purchased, and the unit is equipped with safety goggles to ensure all safety precautions are taken.

The unit typically covers 10-20 full-body treatments before cartridges need to be replaced. This is especially good news for men and women interested in only a small portion of the body to be treated, such as the face or underarms. Men and women may also be comforted to know that the machine has a 60-day money back guarantee—a comfort due to the serious price tag attached to the product.

Some individuals balk at the prospect of purchasing a piece of equipment upward of $300, but many users find that the cost of razors, waxing appointments, and other removal methods meet or exceed this price in a few months, or even a year, making the unit a worthy investment. Most customers see results within 2-6 weeks with consistent use. Although the pain degrees vary (based upon treatment level and whether or not the epilator is used), most find the pain bearable and comparable to professional laser hair removal treatments.

Users notice a difference in fine strands almost immediately; in addition to falling out, fine strands grow much less quickly after only a handful of uses, before stopping altogether. Coarse hair takes more time, but also sees diminished growth for most customers. Most customers who experienced difficulty with the device had no issue returning a defective product for a refund or exchange, making this company an excellent one to work with.

Although most reviews are glowing, some men and women found that the device did not remove troublesome strands as quickly or thoroughly as hoped for. To this, there seems to only be one suggestion: keep using the device, as some users do not see drastic results until after 3-4 months of consistent use.

Me Smooth Professional

Me Elo’s Smooth Professional is the more budget-friendly model, coming in at $100-$150 less than the Pro. Like the unit above, the Smooth Professional is suited to all hair types and skin colors, providing a budget-friendly option for men and women with tones considered “unsuitable” for most laser removal systems. Each unit comes equipped with a device, power cord, and instruction manual. Additional pieces can be purchased to facilitate skin preparation, such as a shaver or epilator. Additional cartridges may also be purchased, though a single cartridge is able to complete 16 full-body passes on the highest setting, on the average user.

This unit is accompanied by very specific instructions: the device is to be used every week for the first seven weeks, before using the product as needed. Failure to treat the same area every week for seven weeks may result in poor removal or greatly reduced results. While most users see results within the first few weeks, some do not see results until a full two weeks after the first round of treatment—a phenomenon that may be expected, due to the natural growth pattern of most hair.

As with most at-home removal treatments, customers can expect some pain: most equate this pain to a sharp smack or the sting of a rubber band. Fortunately, most find that the pain abates after only a few seconds following the close of one session. While it can be used on some sensitive areas, the Smooth Professional should not be used on the genitals, nipples, or around the eyes and ears. Failure to heed this warning could result in unwanted injury.

The head of this particular device may seem best suited to smaller areas, or to take a bit longer for larger areas such as the legs and back, but actually possesses a rather large treatment window, making it an excellent choice for those interested in all-over coverage. It is well-suited to fine strands as well as coarse, and may be used on a variety of textures and colors.

Many men and women who have used the device consistently have seen significant growth reduction. Most see this within 3-4 weeks of the prescribed 7-week beginning period, with far more seeing greater results as 4, 5, and 6 months pass. Current customers were quick to note that the smell of burning hair is normal and to be expected, as well as some pain. Apart from these, however, satisfied customers reported no other issues.

Dissatisfied customers were typically dissatisfied due to the location purchased. The company that makes the product does not award warranties to unauthorized sellers, making a purchase from an unauthorized third party a bit of a gamble. To circumnavigate this unpleasant experience, always purchase Me Elos products from an authorized seller.

Of the Two…Which Works Best?

Each unit is designed with slight nuances: the Pro is a more powerful unit, and contains a cartridge with more pulses, while the Smooth Professional makes its mark with a lower price—though this lower price comes with the drawback of potentially less power and smaller cartridges. The Pro has greater positive reviews, though, as mentioned above, this is largely due to issues with warranties and unauthorized sellers. Ultimately, the Pro seems to be the better of the two, but more budget-minded men and women will likely not go wrong giving the Smooth Professional a try—both are leaders in their market, providing at-home hair removal to all skin and hair types and colors.

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