Exposed Skin Care: A Comprehensive Review

Skin care is a hot-button topic, with men and women swearing up and down that a certain product is the key to perfect skin, or a certain all-natural regimen is the holy grail of care. Thousands (millions, even) of dollars are poured into advertising various types of care systems and products. One of these products is Exposed Skincare. Exposed is a line dedicated to providing men and women both with a complete care system to eradicate acne and provide users with their best skin.

Who Is Exposed?

Exposed is a company based in Seattle, Washington. Created in 2002, Exposed sought to fill a need for high-quality, effective skincare products formulated specifically to target and eradicate acne. When creating its various formulas, Exposed focuses on four areas: unclogging pores, killing bacteria, regulating oil production, and erasing redness. By targeting these specific areas, Exposed claims the ability to calm and restore skin within 30 days.

Exposed is unique in the people it employs to create formulas. Rather than simply utilizing the expertise of dermatologists, Exposed fuses the expertise of dermatologists, cosmetologists, natural care doctors, and chemists. Using the expertise culled by each of these professions results in a product that fulfills the needs of the vast majority of customers, both through strong, effective chemical ingredients, and through soothing, safe natural ingredients.

What Does Exposed’s Line Consist Of?

Exposed offers a complete line of skincare, including:

  • Body Wash
  • Wash Cloth
  • Probiotic Capsules
  • Microderm Scrub
  • Moisture Complex
  • Clarifying Mask
  • Acne Treatment
  • Clear Pore Serum
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Clearing Toner

While it is not necessary to use each and every product, doing so will yield the best results. Rather than offering care only for the face and neck, Exposed recognizes the need for formulas for the entire body to wipe out acne on the back, chest, shoulders, etc. To that end, they have both the body wash and a wash cloth designed to distribute the wash deeply and evenly. Probiotic capsules provide much-needed probiotics for all-over cleansing and immune boosting.

The remainder of the line focuses on the face and neck, providing a complete range of care, ranging from wash, to clearing serums, and ending with toner and moisturizer. Again, though you can pick and choose, using all of the products in conjunction with one another will provide the best results and ensure protection from all angles.

Do They Have Any Special Offers?

Yes! Exposed has several offers available. The first, and simplest, is this: after ordering the Exposed line, send in any empty bottles of other products that did not work for you (such as Proactiv), and receive a $25 credit to put toward a later purchase.

Additionally, providing before and after photos may get you an entire year of free products: if Exposed utilizes your before and after photos to advertise, you will receive a year of free product.

Finally, Exposed has an ongoing commitment to satisfaction; if, after thirty days, you do not have clear skin, you have an entire year to send the products back for a full refund. This means that, if you use the product for the month of May and do not see drastic results, you have until the following April to return your product for a full refund (minus shipping costs). This is nearly unheard of in the industry, and is certainly a vote of confidence on the part of the company.


What Do Customers Like About Exposed?

The vast majority of customers sing the praises of Exposed, as it provides very real results for men and women who have long sought a suitable solution for their acne woes. Most reviewers are careful to articulate that, in addition to using Exposed products, they took care to eat healthy meals, implement an exercise system, and wash pillowcases, towels, and rags frequently. In conjunction with these simple measures, most customers saw drastic results in two weeks, with continued improvement after 4 weeks.

Users with all-over acne were especially pleased, as not too many product lines offer body-specific care. Enter: body wash. Body acne sufferers were largely pleased with this product, as it provided a gentle cleansing sensation, while removing existing acne and repairing scarring over time, with consistent use.

Still others were pleased with the duration of the line’s life. Although many of the products are reported to be a 30-day supply, many men and women found that the products lasted closer to 3 months, making the product even more affordable than the company initially lets on. To achieve this stretching-out of product, however, you must use amounts sparingly, rather than slathering serums and lotions on.

 What Do Customers Dislike?

Some customers were unable to see the promised results. Fortunately, these customers were in the severe minority, but it should be noted that they do exist. The reason for this is not always clear; however, some users only completed the system for two weeks before stopping, and may have seen poor results due to this failure. Some users noted that, while it worked for friends or acquaintances with occasional breakouts and mild acne, it did not work for their own cystic, severe acne. Although this is the case in some instances, not all cystic acne sufferers found the product useless; indeed, many of the positive reviews were written by customers with caustic acne.

Still other users were unhappy with the price. Due to the more intense nature of the products, they do not compare, necessarily, to drug store brands and serums, but the cost is certainly not prohibitive at $60 for the basic kit (comprised of 5 products).

 Is It Worth It?

Overall, Exposed is a solid skincare line: it comes at an affordable price for most, and utilizes the expertise and ingredients from many different fields, ranging from looks-based fields such as cosmetology, to hard-science-based fields such as chemistry. Although reviews are not unanimously stellar, the overwhelming majority of actual users experience positive results with consistent use for 30 days. Ingredients are also sure to please most demographics, as they employ both intense chemical agents and natural ingredients, pleasing die-hard chemical fans and individuals insistent on natural living both.

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