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Aging happens to the best of us. From Helen Mirren, whose aging seems flawless in every way, to the beloved grandmother you see every day, whose aging seems to be a little more noticeable, wrinkles, sagging, and loosening are bound to happen. Although these effects cannot be stopped entirely, there are waves of companies devoted to providing as seamless a transition as possible, extending the days of luminous skin well into what we typically consider “old age.”

Exuviance Skincare

Unsuprisingly, Exuviance focuses the bulk of its attention on anti-aging skincare. Although acne reducers and general cleansers have their place, Exuviance recognizes the need for high-quality, consistently-performing anti-aging skincare. The company began as a project between two dermatologists, searching for answers to how to use AHA (or Alpha Hydroxy Acids) to improve the appearance of skin. During their research, the idea for Exuviance was borne, and their unique formulas were created.

Like most companies of this design, Exuviance provides a wide range of skincare needs, including:

  • Toners
  • Face masks
  • Creams—both day and night
  • Makeup
  • Serums

Each of these products embodies the notion of using AHA’s—that is, using cutting-edge formulas to deliver powerful, healthy anti-aging effects.

 What Are Exuviance’s Most Popular Products?

Exuviance has several products that score consistently high among consumers. These include the Evening Restorative Complex, SkinRise Bionic Tonic, and the Performance Peel AP25.

Evening Restorative Complex

As its name suggests, this complex was developed to be used as a night cream to infuse skin with moisture and nutrients. Chock-full of antioxidants, vitamins, and botanicals, this cream truly packs a punch when it comes to moisturizing, plumping, and brightening skin. This is, arguably, one of the best introductory creams both for this line and for anti-aging in general; it adds a minimal step to your routine, and produces powerful anti-aging benefits.

SkinRise Bionic Tonic

This is the line’s most popular morning cream, and is used to fight general signs of aging, such as dullness, sagging, and age spots. Formulated with marine botanicals, plant extracts, and antioxidants, this particular tonic is another excellent introduction to the line and anti-aging, as it only requires once-daily application, and does not add any significant changes to most people’s skincare routines. In addition to providing plenty of nutrients, the tonic gives skin a bright, luminous appearance.

Performance Peel AP25

While many peels simply strip away the topmost layers of skin, the Performance Peel strips away the top layer of skin and stimulates cell regeneration, resulting in smaller pores, diminished lines and wrinkles, greater health, and a brighter overall complexion. The peel is safe for application at home, and only requires twice-per-week use. Each package includes a 6 week supply of both activator and neutralizer pads, and needs only 10 minutes to do its job. Once again, Exuviance delivers a simple, straightforward product that is easy to fit into the average skincare routine.

 How Do These Compare to Their Peers?

Exuviance is regularly neck-and-neck with competitors. Although most competitors claim to have the latest technology or innovation for effortless, beautiful skin, Exuviance is powerfully guided by a dedication to up-and-coming technology in the beauty field.

Most products run between $30 and $80, placing the line firmly above drugstore brands, but well below high-end department store items—in terms of price. Consequently, this brand is regarded as widely accessible to customers.

Exuviance is a large line, including makeup products and masks. Unlike many similar lines, every possible skincare need can be addressed through an Exuviance product. One-stop shopping is far more convenient than having to dole money out to several brands, adding another point to the list of reasons to purchase Exuviance products.


What Do Actual Customers Say?

Customers rave about this skincare line. There are few (if any, really) customer reviews highlighting negative experiences with Exuviance products; most reviews rave over the products themselves, as well as the results they produce. Most men and women find that, with consistent use, this product line produces skin with fewer acne breakouts, fewer lines and wrinkles, and less sagging skin.

One of the most commonly repeated refrain is how powerfully skin “glows” after using these items. Although they certainly have their place as anti-aging products, Exuviance does not focus entirely on eradicating the signs of aging, but pays attention to the plight of individuals whose skin is not aging poorly as much as it is losing luminescence.

 What is the Company’s Return and Refund Policy?

If the items are ordered from the company itself, they possess a 30-day money-back guarantee. Bear in mind, though, that items must be returned in “like new” condition—meaning you cannot use up an item, and send it back for a refund completely empty.

 Refunds are given within 10 business days of receiving the unsatisfactory item, and will post to the card or account the products were purchased with. Given the price point and reported ease of making returns, this company is an excellent one to work with.

 Is There a Way to Find Products Cheaper?

One of the best ways to find Exuviance products cheaper is to purchase products in ready-made packs and shop sales. The company has sales on a regular basis, and provides many different packs to choose from—saving you both the effort required to locate and purchase complementary items, and the money required to purchase each of those items separately.

You can also find Exuviance products cheaper by purchasing through 3rd-party sellers. This means stores—both online and brick and mortar—who sell the Exuviance line, but are not affiliated with the company itself. One of the best ways to purchase these products is purchasing through Amazon. If you have a Prime account, you can have your product in two days, and be that much closer to having enviable skin.

 Is Exuviance a Worthwhile Company?

Ultimately, Exuviance appears to be worth a try. In addition to having high-quality ingredients and consistently high customer reviews and awards, the line is decently-priced and boasts an incredible return and refund policy. Ultimately, with decent prices, high-quality materials, and a liberal refund policy, what do you have to lose?

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