What are these patches good for?

Most anti-wrinkle creams and serums come in small bottles and take on the form of lotion. These creams are typically applied directly to the area (or even all over the face and neck), and are left to sit over night, or are intended to be used as a day cream. Frownies offer a new twist on an old idea, offering wrinkle care that comes in the form of a patch, rather than a simple cream, and putting wrinkles in their place as something to be removed, rather than a welcome change.

What Sets Frownies Apart?

Frownies are unique, in that they are used to target specific areas, and they come in a patch rather than a simple cream. While creams are for all-over coverage, Frownies are intended to be used on a small, specific area, and allow customers to create a more customized anti-aging routine; while frown lines may be problematic for some users, crow’s feet might be of greater concern to others. Frownies allows its customers to use patches on these specific areas, eliminating waste.

Frownies are also unique, in that they deliver tangible results without the hefty price tag so frequently associated with anti-aging products. Rather than paying several hundred dollars for a cream with various rich, deluxe ingredients, users can purchase Frownies for $15-$20 from the drugstore.

Frownies’ Background

Frownies came on the scene in their earliest iteration in the late 1800s, after a woman known for her beauty discovered the gradual appearance of frown lines on her daughter’s face. Fast forward to 2014, and the product she originally developed has been tested, retested, and perfected, and now comes in the simple, easy-to-use patches called Frownies. While the name “Frownies” is relatively new, the company they hail from (B & P Company) has been around, challenging the beauty industry, for over 100 years.

The current CEO is a fourth generation owner, and is a naturopath, author, nutritional consultant, and wellness coach. As such, she ensures that all products are cruelty free and backed by years of research and practice.

What Types of Frownies Are Available?

The two most commonly used products are the patches for the forehead and between eyes, and the patches developed for use on the mouth and corners of eyes. These come in patches that can be placed alone over problem areas, or that may be used together to cover a larger area.

Although Frownies patches are the most frequently used products in the line, there are some other options for men and women in need of some diversity in anti-aging and beauty care. These include a cream, under-eye gel pads, creams, serums, and cleansers. Again, many of these options are customizable, allowing users to pick and choose the products best suited for their needs.

How Are Frownies Used?

The patches should be worn either alone, or in a series for a minimum of 3-4 hours. Most users find the most convenient usage time occurs during the night while sleeping. For faster results, users may apply the patches during down times throughout the day such as lunch, dinner, or even breaks from work. Although most users see results within 3-4 weeks with consistent night usage, this time may be reduced by wearing the patches with more frequency from day to day.

Who Are These Products Best For?

Although the majority of users are middle aged and older, patches may be used by people of all ages and backgrounds. Rather than treating surface skin, or targeting unhealthy cells, Frownies work to retrain muscles that have grown lax, or tightly bunched, allowing lines to become smooth and creating wrinkle-free skin. This is why wearing patches as frequently as possible yields greater results; more time is spent training the muscles to lie flat and relaxed, rather than growing rigid, bunched, or slack.

What Do Customers Say? 

Customers typically express satisfaction with the product line. The most common praise is simply that the patches are in no way harmful, and deliver great results without the threat of pain, danger, or permanent injury like so many long-lasting treatments have. As stated above, users who apply patches throughout the night and again during the day see the greatest results, as long-term effects are more readily obtained this way.

Users are also pleased by the ease of use: simply wet the patch, apply it to the area, and peel it off after use. The process is easy, and does not require meticulous application. Typically, users see most pronounced results in forehead lines, or the furrows between eyes. Although most users note that the frown lines and crow’s feet patches are more difficult to use properly (due to the more malleable nature of the skin in those areas), they do typically deliver a 60-80% reduction in the appearance of lines.

Many users apply these patches in the place of using botox; as so many stated, both offer temporary results. One, through the use of a paralyzing toxin, and the other through the use of simple tape that eases muscle strain. For most, the comparison makes the choice an easy one.

That being said, not all users are ecstatic about Frownies. The most common complaint revolves around the short duration of results; some users see only a few hours of improvement on extremely deep lines, before they begin to return. Others see a full day of smoothed wrinkles, but notice their reappearance in the evening. This is a small issue, however, and many customers noted that they still used the product just before special occasions or before taking pictures.

Are Frownies Worth the Price?

As an extremely inexpensive solution to the appearance of wrinkles over time, Frownies are a good place to begin with anti-aging care. Purchasing a box requires a small amount of money (again, only $15-$20), and does not require a long-term sales commitment. With consistent application and plenty of time, Frownies do seem to work wonders in softening lines and wrinkles near the forehead, eyes, and mouth.

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