Scar removal treatment for a softer and newer skin

Stretch marks are ubiquitous with growth, more often than not. Puberty, pregnancy, and weight gain are all prime suspects in the advent of stretch marks—all bringing significant life changes without the addition of deep scarring. While the trauma of these changes usually fades, stretch marks do not, causing many young men and women to develop self esteem issues influencing social lives, clothing choices, and more. Fortunately, for the men and women suffering the indignity of stretch marks, Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy may have the answer.

Who Is Mederma?

Mederma is a skincare brand long associated with scar removal. A Merz subsidiary, Mederma has provided the beauty industry with numerous scar removal products, ranging from a kids’ line to the aforementioned stretch mark therapy cream. Both companies are based in Germany, and are recognized for their contributions to the healthcare industry.

How Does Mederma Work?

Mederma uses three main compounds to lessen the appearance of stretch marks:

The cepalin is used to encourage the sloughing off of dead skin cells, and interacts with keratin to provide a softer, more supple swath of skin, allowing scarring to fade. Hyaluronic acid works alongside cepalin both increasing the penetration of cepalin and encouraging new cell growth. Moisturizers (plural) work to hydrate the skin, keeping it strong, malleable, and healthy, to allow optimum healing to occur.

With regular use, these compounds work together to soften and renew skin, with optimum results being achieved after eight weeks. The cream will likely show greater results on newer marks, as these are fresher and are more open to change, but can show some success in lightening and smoothing long-standing marks.

Although this cream is formulated specifically for stretch marks, it can be used on scars of all kinds, and works in the same way: by moisturizing, smoothing skin, and removing dead skin cells. It is the #1 doctor-recommended stretch mark cream, and may used to prevent marks, as well as being safe for both pregnant women and nursing mothers.

How Should It Be Used?

Begin with clean, dry skin. Apply a generous amount of the cream to hands, and begin massaging into the skin in smooth, slow motions. As you massage it into your skin, be sure to be thorough; the cream should be completely absorbed before you cease your massage. Mederma should be used morning and night, consistently. Although results take some time (on average, it takes 4 weeks to see results), results do not peak until after 12 weeks of use, at which point most users report significant reduction in mark appearance and texture.

Although Mederma does not require the use of any sort of preparatory cream or primer, some have found it helpful to steam and exfoliate the area before application in order to open pores and increase the depth of product penetration.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Use?

Some of the preservatives in Mederma have been known to raise the risk of sun damage. For this reason, men and women using Mederma should either avoid sun exposure on the area of use, or employ a high-quality sunscreen to protect healing skin. If all-out avoidance of the sun is not possible, enlist the help of breathable fabrics and wear long sleeves and pants.

Because Mederma is a topically applied cream, there does run some risk of allergic reaction or rash. To avoid either, place a small bead of Mederma to the wrist, ankle, or inside of the elbow, and leave on for 24-48 hours. Typically, if no reaction occurs during this time, the cream is safe to use in greater quantities. If any sign of rash or irritation occurs, however, it is pivotal to discontinue use.

The product should also not be used on broken skin. If the skin surrounding the stretch marks is in any way damaged, broken, or split, wait until it has healed to begin use. Failing to do so could result in infection, inflammation, or serious illness.

What Do Actual Customers Say?

Customers are typically pleased with their results. While some saw results in as little as three days, most continued to use the cream for the recommended 12 weeks and beyond in order to see the best results possible. Users reported significant changes in the color of scars, as well as their depth and sheen, with twice-daily use over 3 months. Many users applied this cream in conjunction with exfoliating products and moisturizers to maximize results, and these users reported greater success than those who did not exfoliate or apply additional moisturizers.

Many users report liking the smell and texture of the cream, describing it as relaxing and thick, respectively. Many users were in the midst of pregnancy, and were pleased to find a lack of new stretching, as well as a decrease in the appearance of older scars. Whether used preventatively, or to improve existing lines, most men and women were happy with the product.

Although most Mederma customers were pleased with their experience, others were not so sure. Majority of displeased users noted that they had darker skin tones, and found an increase in smoothness and overall moistness of skin, but did not see a change in the pigment of scars. Although many users considered the smell and texture a plus, some found the scent overpowering, and found that the cream peeled off in small flakes after drying.

Is Mederma Worth A Try?

Mederma has changed the lives of many of its users. These users often report a significant boost in self esteem and body image, leading them to recommend the product to family and friends. It should be noted that the greatest success stories seemed to come from men and women with lighter skin tones, suggesting that this product is most effective when used on lighter skin and newer scars—though some users with dark skin and old marks were able to see results. If stretch marks are plaguing you and no other product has helped them improve, Mederma is certainly worth a try. Because each tube is under $30 and lasts one month, on average, it is a low-cost, high-results cream capable of providing a new lease on life through improved self image.

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