Product Line Suited For Hormonal Aging

Anti-aging treatments are a dime a dozen; as pop culture grows increasingly important to the average American, looking more like dewy actresses (and less like frumpy grocery store patrons) becomes equally important. The beauty industry is well aware of this desire among customers, and has produced countless creams, serums, and supplements to meet these needs. How do you separate any one single cream from the pack? Murad’s Resurgence is way ahead of you: rather than targeting external aging signs, Resurgence targets hormonal aging.

What Is Hormonal Aging?

Hormonal aging is an aging process derived more from internal factors such as age, hormone production, etc. than from external factors such as:

  • sun damage
  • dryness
  • the use of harsh chemicals
  • poor cleansing

Hormonal aging affects both men and women and is, arguably, the more difficult type of aging to reverse; you are not merely fighting external changes, but your body’s natural processes.

For this reason, products targeting hormonal aging are typically more expensive and stronger, and all safety and use guidelines should be followed strictly. Unlike supplements, Resurgence is used to target the area directly through transdermal application, and is intended to encourage collagen production, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hormonal-based discoloration.

How Does Resurgence Achieve This?

Resurgence is a skincare line within the larger Murad brand geared toward reversing the effects of hormonal aging. This is accomplished through multiple products, such as the three-piece Resurgence night regimen. This kit includes a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. The cleanser may be used morning and night, while the serum should be used in the morning, and the more intensive moisturizer should be used in the evening.

These products combined contain plant proteins, healing oils, and retinol. These ingredients fuse together to stimulate collagen production, encourage cell regeneration, and create an overall brighter, smoother, and younger complexion.

Who Is the Product Line Best For?

Although these products may be used by most people, the formulas are created specifically with hormonal aging in mind. For this reason, the product works best on men and women who have begun the aging process at a significant rate, as one might find in their mid-thirties onward. At this point, most men and women will have begun to see the development of fine lines (usually concentrated on the forehead and around the mouth), wrinkles (crow’s feet, typically), and skin discoloration. Although some of this is due to environmental factors, your body begins to break down its processes as it ages, and skin is often the first to suffer.

When you are deciding whether or not Murad’s products are for you, consider the most likely causes of your skincare woes. Do you take care of your skin by wearing sun screen, moisturizing, and using gentle cleansers, but still see fine lines and wrinkles developing? Murad is likely for you. If you do not take care of your skin in these ways, another, more environmental-cause-based line may be your best bet.

Should Anyone Avoid Resurgence?

Just as there are ideal customers, there are individuals who will likely not see as a great a benefit from using the Resurgence line. First, men and women who are still quite young. Although this system will not cause damage, necessarily, the causes of visible aging are more likely to be environmental in nature, rather than hormonal. This means that a product formulated for hormonal needs will not target the specific needs of that individual. A product line for sun damage, scarring, etc. will serve these men and women better.

Next, men and women who struggle with routine. Although the products can be purchased and used sparingly or inconsistently, the effects will not translate through this type of use. Using a targeted skincare line with three separate facets requires a commitment of time (only a small one), and a commitment to consistency. If consistency is not exactly your strong suit, a less powerful—and, consequently, cheaper—will probably serve your needs best, as these types of products are usually more of a throw-away rather than an investment.

What Do Actual Customers Say?

The Ecstatic Majority

This particular line is used by average joes and estheticians alike—it’s that good. Regardless of their professional experience in the cosmetic field, most users are extremely pleased with Murad’s system, citing it as the source of numerous compliments. Many users claimed to see a difference in only a few days of use, with almost all seeing changes within two weeks.

The most common changes include fuller, plumper skin, a more even skin tone, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and incredibly hydrated skin. Users who saw the most success used the regimen regularly, as suggested, and were careful to employ other skincare practices, such as washing regularly, applying sun screen, avoiding harsh chemicals, and eating a diet high in antioxidants.

The Potential Drawbacks

Although most users were extremely happy with their experience, some felt that the products did not quite live up to the hype. The focus was, largely, on budget concerns, as some customers felt the products should create a more drastic difference for the price point. It should be noted, however, that even the most expensive product should not be expected to function as a miracle cream; some wrinkles and lines are unavoidable as age advances.

A few customers found that some of the products (though not all) caused irritation, and were hesitant to purchase the full scope of the Resurgence line in case of continued reaction. As always, be sure to test products on a small portion of the skin before using on a larger area to ensure no negative reaction occurs.

Is Resurgence for Me?

If you are advancing in age (even slightly), and beginning to notice the appearance of discoloration, sagging, fine liens, and wrinkles, Resurgence just might be the skincare line for you. While, for some, it does require something of an up-front investment (around $150), the quality is superb, and Murad is committed to providing powerful, safe skincare products to battle the aging process. From the sensitive-skinned to those with a veritable crocodile hide, Resurgence has something to offer for just about anyone.

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