Skincare Products Targeting Different Needs

What is Natura Bissē?

Natura Bissē (or NB) is a skincare line dedicated to providing high-quality skin creams and serums to prevent and treat aging. The company was started in 1979, after the owner saw the increasing need for high-quality products, and the startling effect of collagen and elastin on the skin. Soon after it began, it was heartily welcomed into the Spanish beauty market. It wasn’t until 1990 that NB gained recognition in the United States. From there, Natura Bissē has created countless skincare creams and serums, including their ever-popular diamond collection—designed to provide customers with elegant, long-lasting results.

Natura Bissē Products

NB has countless products available to the consumer, ranging from localized care (eye serums, lip creams) to larger areas, such as all-over body scrub. NB products are very different in terms of price as well; there is the diamond collection, requiring a larger monetary investment, or more budget-minded product sets. Whatever your budget or needs, NB is likely to have a product designed for you. Three products from three categories will be discussed in greater detail below.

Up First: The Diamond Collection

Diamond Extreme Eye is an eye cream intended to lift and firm, reducing the signs of aging. As the body ages, collagen production slows, and skin begins to lose both its elasticity and its “bounce.” This eye cream spurs collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother skin surrounding the eyes. Its effects are most drastically seen on crow’s feet and puffiness. Smoothing these areas creates a more youthful, put-together appearance. The serum should be applied to clean, dry skin, and should be massaged thoroughly into the area until the mixture has been completely absorbed. With consistent use, results should be visible within a matter of weeks.

Customers are almost unanimously pleased with Extreme Eye. Most customers are women middle-aged and above, and use the cream as an anti-aging product. With regular, correct application, the majority of users see incredible results, firming and lifting drooping or aging eyes with aplomb. Some users were pleasantly surprised to find that use on the eyelid itself also helped reduce puffiness and excessive eye folds, providing a firming effect on the eye as a whole. Many customers sought discounts elsewhere, and were able to find more affordable products online and during department store sale times, making the product affordable even for the value-minded.

Although most customers loved their Natura Bissē Extreme Eye, some were displeased to discover a poor reaction to the serum, including redness and itching. Discontinued use typically cleared the issue up immediately, suggesting that extremely sensitive skin may have a poor reaction. To avoid this, test the serum on a small strip of your wrist before use on eyes. If, after 24 hours, no reaction has occurred, the product will likely be safe for use.

Next: Absolute Damask Rose Body Oil

This body oil is rich and nourishing, providing moisture, anti-stress, and anti-aging properties. Application of the product feels like a luxury; gathered from Moroccan roses, the rose oil goes on smooth as silk and creates a gorgeous sheen. This particular blend has created buzz as a means of preventing stretch marks. Pregnant women, take note: the ultra-hydrating nature of the blend works against tearing. Like the serum above, Absolute Damask should be applied to clean, dry skin, and must be massaged gently until all of the serum has been absorbed. For women who are not pregnant, the oil provides a lovely sheen for going out. Rubbing the oil on decolletage, arms, or legs creates a gorgeous glow reminiscent of a recent beach trip. It is also ideal for women prone to ashy skin on the legs and arms. Application restores moisture to skin and reduces the appearance of dry, ashy epidermis.

Many women found this particular product reached its greatest efficacy when applied directly following exfoliation. Most saw a significant difference in dry skin after applying Absolute Damask—with results continuing into the next day. Customers were also pleasantly surprised by the scent; while it is clearly identified as a rose oil, the light, floral scent was a definite boon to many customers using it specifically for date nights or nights out.

Although many users were pleased with the product, some considered the cost prohibitive. While it is certainly not a drugstore purchase, the small bottle of oil goes a long way—during use, apply only a minimal amount, rather than applying the product liberally.

Finally: NB·Ceutical Tolerance Cleanser

While NB has an incredible overall product line, some products may still prove irritating for men and women with sensitive skin. Because of this, Natura Bissē created the Tolerance Cleanser. Created to provide a deep clean without irritation or drying, the Tolerance Cleanser may be used morning or night (or both), and should always be followed by moisturizer (and toner, if needed). To avoid drying, the cleanser is formulated without parabens or alcohol, and includes extracts to soothe and calm skin. To maximize results (including protection against free radicals), the cleanser should be applied to dry skin, massaged in thoroughly, and gently wiped away with a warm towel or sponge.

Most Tolerance Cleanser users are individuals with sensitivities and, consequently, reservations regarding product contents. That being said, most users are pleased with the efficacy of the product, its gentle nature, and its devotion to sensitive skin. Most users described the sensation as soothing and gentle, while still removing dirt, makeup, and everyday residue. Used in combination with the corresponding cleanser, most customers saw an improvement in skin texture, moisture, and appearance.

Although reviews are primarily positive, some users were displeased with the thickness of the cleanser, as many sensitive skin formulas have a thinner consistency close to the consistency of milk. The quality of the cleanser was not called into question, however.

Is Natura Bissē Worth the Investment?

Although NB products can be something of an up-front investment, most users see a significant change in the overall texture and appearance of skin while using NB products. Because the ingredients are of a higher quality than drugstore items, less product is required for each use, and even small bottles seem to last a decent amount of time. The line covers such diverse needs as

  • Body
  • Face
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cleansing
  • Toning,

providing every type of customer with a product they can use.

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