What is Nerium and Does it Work?

“Unique” … “Amazing” … “Awesome” … “Incredible”

These are words you hear in every anti-aging advertisement. Like its competitors, Nerium claims that its product line can shave five – sometimes even ten – years off your appearance. The company’s website features lots of personal accounts, heartwarming stories, and before/after photos, but does the product actually work? Keep reading for important information about this up-and-coming company and its three popular age-defying skin creams.

Nerium International

The company Nerium International was launched in 2011 and has been shattering records worldwide ever since. Nerium International is one of the fastest-growing brands in the beauty/anti-aging market despite the fact that it has developed only three products. In fact, Nerium International is the first direct-selling company in this market to generate more than 100 million dollars in revenue during its first year of operation. And it’s not just the company that’s growing; the beauty/anti-aging market is one of today’s fastest-growing markets and is predicted to be worth 1 trillion dollars by the year 2025.

The business was started in Texas, but has expanded throughout the United States and to a few other countries with plans to extend even further. The company is unique in that it is a direct sell, multi-level marketing business. In other words, individuals (called brand partners) are responsible for selling the products. Hint: you can also find these creams on Amazon at a much cheaper price.

According to the official website, brand partners have flexible hours, work from home, take lots of vacations, and can earn rewards like free travel or a free car. In other words, anyone can be a Nerium brand partner. The real experience, however, isn’t a cakewalk. If you look outside the website for first-hand accounts written by brand partners, you’ll find that most of them earned little money and were annoyed by the company’s overly-aggressive marketing approach. Most of them warned potential brand partners to expect to spend as much time with Nerium as you would with any full-time job.

Nerium Products

nerium 2This brand gets its name from the nerium oleander plant, which has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years. More commonly called “oleander,” the plant is grown mainly in the Mediterranean and Asia and is actually one of the region’s most toxic plants. It can be fatal if consumed. Click here to learn more about oleander poisoning.

Using an extraction process they coined as “NBio-PL2,” scientists derive NAE-8 from oleander. NAE-8 is a unique and powerful antioxidant that is used to formulate the three Nerium anti-aging products. Nerium Biotechnology, a research and development company, is responsible for the invention and production of the following three products:

  • NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream ($45.99 on Amazon)
  • NeriumAD Age-Defying Night Cream ($79.99 on Amazon)
  • Nerium Firm ($34.25)

More about Nerium’s Products

Designed for both women and men, all three age-defying products can be used on any skin type. The day and night creams were designed for the face, while Nerium Firm was designed to be used on the entire body. Nerium claims that its products can:

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Smooth, tighten, and firm up loose skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Help with hyperpigmentation
  • Even out skin texture
  • Heal sun damage
  • Close pores
  • Sooth rosacea
  • Restore youthful vitality

Despite the fact that the oleander plant is toxic, rest assured that Nerium’s products are 100% safe (just don’t swallow them). Even better, they don’t include any of the following ingredients:

  • Parabens
  • Gluten
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sulfates
  • DEA
  • Synthetic colors
  • Phthalates

nerium 3Each cream is thick and hydrating, but has a slightly different makeup. The main active ingredients in NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream are: NAE-8 extract, tripeptide blend, a blend of moisturizers, and extracts of Vitamin C and green tea. The NeriumAD Age-Defying Night Cream includes NAE-8 extract, aloe, collagen, elastin, glycerin, and a few other ingredients.

The newest Nerium product, Nerium Firm, is unlike other anti-aging creams because it was developed to be used all over, not just on the face. Sagging stomach, wrinkly hands, cellulite, you name it! This is an all-over treatment that will help restore a younger tone and contour to any body part. The main ingredients in this cream (pictured at right) are: peptide matrix, caffeine, and extracts of white willow bark, green tea, and forskohlii root.


Overall, the three anti-aging products have pretty good ratings compared to competitors. Since Nerium is a little on the expensive side, however, it might not be an option for everyone.


Because customer reviews are so varied, I would consider Nerium to be a “try it before you buy it” product at best, especially considering the lack of published clinical trials to back up Nerium’s wild claims.

Considering the steep price, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Even better: if you know a brand partner, he or she might let you try one of the creams for free. If you’re considering becoming a brand partner, make sure to talk to someone currently working for Nerium before you make the initial investment.

Remember that clear, firm skin isn’t the only secret to looking and feeling young. It’s also important to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Click here for more anti-aging tips.

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