Nerium International is a cosmetic company headquartered in Addison, Texas in the United States of America. The company’s products are highly reputed for their efficacy, perhaps owing to the fact that they are all produced based on cutting edge technology developed at Nerium Biotechnology Labs. While the company is barely three years in business, it has enjoyed resounding success in the cosmetics industry.


NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment

NeriumAD is manufactured from the most effective age defying ingredients of which extracts from the Nerium Oleander plant are the chief active ingredients. Nerium Oleander, commonly known as oleander is a toxic plant found naturally in areas like in the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. The plant contains a range of antioxidant elements which are extracted for formulation of NeriumAD.


Nerium International’s Age-defying Line of Products

There are two products in this range of skin treatment products:

  • The NeriumAD  Age-defying Night Cream
  • The NeriumAD  Age-defying Day Cream

The company is however in the process of developing eight new cosmetic products. These niche products will be used to complement the action of this series of creams. They will include eye creams and targeted age spot treatment solutions.


The NeriumAD  Age-defying Night Cream

The  NeriumAD night cream is the flagship NeriumAD skincare product. It is also the first Nerium International’s product to be made available to consumers directly.

This cream is a topical application cream formulated using NBio-PL patented technology by Nerium Biotechnology. The technology combines the revolutionary healing properties of the Nerium oleander plant with that of the Aloe Vera plant. The well researched ingredients of the cream make for a an excellent anti-aging treatment for facial skin.

The night cream is specially formulated to reverse the negative effects of aging and sun damage on the skin. The cream not only soothes but nourishes skin cells to ensure it looks radiant, smooth and is soft to the touch. The cream is well known as an effective application for fading fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and skin discoloration. In effect, the cream masks the obvious effects of aging and adds a measure of youthful sparkle on the skin.

Furthermore, it is packaged in an air-less pump designer bottle to limit product contamination. This not only ensures that the product and the active ingredients stay fresher for longer but also makes it easier to use.


Applying the Night Cream

Users of this cream should begin by cleansing the face thoroughly and then applying a thin layer on the face and neck area. Nerium International recommends that 4 to 5 pumps are adequate for this purpose. Based on the cosmetic company’s research, applying more cream does not guarantee faster or more noticeable change. The user should also take care to ensure the skin is at least slightly damp before you apply the cream.  This is because moist skin absorbs the active ingredients more optimally than dry skin.

Users who have a very dry skin are advised to ensure they use a compatible moisturizer alongside the NeriumAD night cream.  Research has also shown that dry skin users experienced more satisfactory results if they moisturized the skin twice every twenty four hours during the period in which they were using this product.

While specifically formulated for application on the face, NeriumAD night cream can also be applied in other areas of the body such as the neck area, the décolletage, hands and arms, knees and elbows. However, due to the product’s intensive active ingredients, it is not recommended to apply the cream on the soft and sensitive skin tissue around the eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Nerium AD  Age-Defying Treatment

Are Nerium products approved by the FDA?

The FDA does not approve cosmetic products as a rule. However, all Nerium International’s cosmetic and skin care products are manufactured in accordance to FDA guidelines and regulations.

Can I use Nerium AD  Age-Defying Treatment with other skincare products?

In general, the efficacy of Nerium AD  Age-Defying Treatment should not be affected just because it is combined with other products. However, to be certain that there will be no negative reaction; it is advised that you apply the two on an inconspicuous area of your skin first. If there is no reaction within a couple of days, then it is likely that there is nothing for you to fear.

Does any Nerium product work to cure acne or eradicate stretch marks?

Both NeriumAD age defying creams are formulated to eradicate such facial defects as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and skin texture. While it is true that some users have reported some positive in reducing the appearance of acne, do not use Nerium products as the primary treatment for the problem unless you are instructed to do so by your dermatologist. NeriumAD products should not be used to treat stretch marks.

What Users and Experts Say About Nerium Products

Nerium International’s products are unique in the sense that the company uses a unique process right from formulation, production, packaging to marketing. To begin with, Nerium International uses solid scientific research to formulate the creams in their product line. Moreover, the fact that the company has enjoyed resounding success in the cosmetics market despite adopting a marketing model reliant on loyalty to their products rather than carrying out fancy and expensive marketing campaigns speaks volumes about the confidence and trust consumers have in the creams.

The high standards Nerium International maintains in relation to their products can be attested to by the glowing reviews the product online by both dermatologists and ordinary users. One of the more notable experts who have endorsed NeriumAD age-defying treatment creams is Marilyn Diamond, the well known celebrity fitness consultant and co-author of the bestselling Fitness for Life lifestyle book series.

To provide a cast iron case for the efficacy of their products, Nerium International has subjected them to a series of objective and independent studies by third party evaluators. One such evaluator is ST&T Research a firm based in San Francisco, California. Following a comprehensive analysis of NeriumAD creams, the firm found that the treatment delivered, on average, a 30% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging within 30 days of consistent usage. ST&T used techniques originally used to detect imperfections in microchips to analyze the effectiveness of these creams.


Where to Buy Nerium Cosmetic Products

As mentioned earlier, Nerium International has adopted the network marketing model to sell its products. As such, you are unlikely to find the products stocked in your typical high street drugs store or supermarket. Nerium products are mainly sold through the internet by the company’s distributors and brand partners.