no!no! Hair Removal System Overview and Verdict

no!no!’s patented hair removal system uses heat to remove hair. This is achieved through the use of a thermodynamic wire. This wire rests near the bottom of the device and transmits heat (or, in the case of the Pro, heat and pulses) to essentially shrivel or crystalize individual strands, allowing for quick and easy removal via a small buffer (included with all models). One of the greatest boons of the no!no! system is its versatility; unlike laser removal and numerous removal models, no!no!’s system is suitable for all hair colors and types, and removes on the body and face, including the ever-stubborn upper lip.

no!no! Pro5

no!no!’s Pro5 model is the cream of the no!no! crop. It has more modes for removal, dual hair-targeting technology utilizing both heat and pulses, and is the fastest-acting model available. Boasting a sleek, platinum body, the Pro5 has 5 adjustable treatment settings, and an LCD screen for greater ease of use, and cordless functionality.

Men and women who expressed satisfaction with the product found that, with consistent (and correct use), this system not only effectively removes hair, but gradually lessens the amount of growth overall, as well as encouraging new growth to come in thinner and smoother. Although most contented users cautioned that this takes time (possibly months), many found that the smoother, softer skin was well worth the wait. While many noted the presence of a burning smell, the smell is reported as going away quickly, and is easily masked by a lit candle, or even an open window.

While many men and women were pleased with the Pro5, some experienced difficulty with the product. The most common complaint was in regard to the amount of time required for effective use; the no!no! is not quite comparable to a razor in terms of time, but provides longer-lasting removal. The second most common complaint came in regard to the heat transfer; some users found the heat too unbearable for consistent use, and could no longer use the product without experiencing pain or discomfort.

no!no! Model Comparison

no!no! has three different models available for use: the Micro, the Hair, and the Pro (3 or 5). The differences between each model include:

  • Size
  • Strength
  • Available Colors
  • Screen Presence

The Micro is a smaller model, offering a single treatment level, no screen, and three colors. This model is best suited for men and women seeking to remove fine hair, such as the hair found on a woman’s upper lip, forehead, chin, etc. It is the most compact of the models, making it excellent for travel and small jobs. It comes with a price tag of $225.

The Hair is one step up from the Micro, offering three treatments levels, an LCD screen denoting the level selected and tip use, and two color options. The Hair, though it has three treatment levels, relies entirely upon heat rather than heat and pulse technology, still making it best for fine to only slightly coarse hair, as coarse hair may require a more heavy-handed treatment. The price tag here is $270.

Finally, the Pro. The Pro comes in two strengths (3 or 5), and has corresponding treatment levels of three options or five options. The 3 has two color choices, while the 5 has only a platinum product available. Like Hair, the Pro possesses an LCD screen. It is unique, however, in its coupling of heat technology and pulse technology, allowing users to target coarser, thicker hair as often found on the legs and underarms. This model is best for users seeking all-over removal and heavy-duty strength. It comes with a corresponding price tag of either $290 (for the 3), or $310 (for the 5).

Pricing Options and Limitations

Although the no!no! system seems an excellent addition to one’s beauty routine, many men and women are put off by the price tag. Fortunately, there are a few options regarding price, depending upon the location of purchase. First up, the official store.

The official store is the source of the prices listed above. Customers will be charged those prices, as well as taxes and shipping and handling. It is the most expensive option of the three, but may provide some peace of mind, as you are purchasing directly from the company rather than a third-party retailer.

no!no! also offers a delayed pricing option; rather than paying $2-$300 dollars upfront, you can make an initial payment of just over $100 with free shipping, then be charged the same amount in two installments thirty days apart, for a grand total of approximately $305. While it is slightly more expensive, it is the only offer extending financing, and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you are not satisfied in 45 days, you may send the product back before 60 days have passed for a full refund. This is an excellent option for anyone desiring an insurance policy, of sorts, for the product’s effectiveness.

The final potential purchase location is Amazon. Amazon is known for its low prices, and this certainly applies to the no!no! system. On Amazon, the no!no! Pro (usually $310) is only $150—a $160 savings. While it is not backed by the same no!no! guarantee listed above, it is backed by Amazon’s return policy, and is the cheapest of the three available options—particularly as it includes free shipping.

Is It Worth It?

Ah, the million dollar question. This is not a matter of a simple yes or no, however, as it depends entirely upon the purpose of use. If you are seeking a permanent hair removal option, this system will not be in your best interest: while it does slow and lighten growth, this is not a permanent change, and will revert once use of the device has ceased. For individuals seeking permanent removal, consider laser hair removal from a trusted professional.

For men and women seeking removal of thick, coarse hair, the Pro is likely to be the only option for safely and effectively removing hair—the smaller models are not equipped to handle the volume and strength of coarse strands.

Ultimately, the no!no! system is an excellent investment for men and women seeking removal of fine hair as found on the arms, face, and neck. Fuzz in these areas is better equipped to falter under the heavy heat of the thermodynamic system, and typically delivers faster, smoother results.

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