Erasing the Signs of Aging with High Quality Products

Anti-aging products run the gamut, from simple once-a-day vitamins, to sky-high-priced creams—some of them containing bizarre ingredients such as gold, or caviar. Anti-aging, in and of itself, is a worthy goal; as you begin aging, skin loses its elasticity and plump appearance, and begins to develop lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Fortunately, there are many skincare lines devoted to erasing these symptoms of age at a decent price. One such line is Patricia Wexler’s.

Who Is Patricia Wexler?

Patricia Wexler is a pioneer in her field. As a dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Wexler is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of aging—and the many fixes applied to aging skin. She was among the first to regularly use Botox in her practice, and is considered something of an artist in the field of dermatological surgery. Although her practice focuses on cosmetic surgery, she is devoted to discovering new and better ways to halt (or erase entirely) the effects of aging. Wexler products reflect this devotion.

What Types of Products Are Available?

There are 15 products in her skincare line, some of them sold in single containers, while others are sold in starter kits. Products range from night cream, to more expensive (and lesser-used) at-home chemical peels, all designed to reverse, and keep at bay, the effects of aging.

For men and women in need of a drastic change, there is the Exfoliating Glyco Peel. For men and women who just want to begin some light maintenance, Wexler offers a Skin Brightening Moisturizer. Whatever your anti-aging needs, Wexler is sure to have a product ready to help.

How Long Until You See Results?

Results will depend both upon the product you choose (and its strength), and your own practice. Although most users see results within 2-4 weeks of use of all products, these results can be sped up and enhanced by the implementation of multiple Wexler products, the use of microdermabrasion machines (to allow deeper penetration), and consistent, healthy skincare habits. If you are using the Intense Night Cream, for instance, but fail to adequately wash your face each morning and apply sun screen, you will see less drastic results than someone who diligently adheres to both the Wexler protocol, and basic skincare rules.

What Do Actual Customers Say?

Reviews for this product line are overwhelmingly positive. The line is used, primarily, by:

  • women over the age of 40
  • women whose skin has already begun to show signs of aging
  • women whose skin is prone to dryness

First, most customers have found that their skin retains moisture more effectively when using Wexler products. For some, this is the only real benefit—but a hefty benefit for individuals suffering from chronic dryness.

Most users also note the overall appearance of skin, and the drastic improvements seen in only a matter of 2-3 weeks. Numerous customers attributed continual compliments and exclamations to this line, citing the moisturizers in particular as miracle workers. Improved appearance included the disappearance (or lightening) of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the improved tone of skin; although many customers suffered from skin discoloration (including rosacea), using Wexler products greatly reduced the uneven texture and created a smooth, even finish.

Some customers balked at the price initially, but came around to it, as most products can last—if used sparingly—several months, at least. These customers typically saw more drastic results in a smaller time frame, as they were more likely to strictly observe the item’s instructions.

Although over 90% of customers gave Wexler dermatological products a high rating, some customers did experience adverse reactions when using the cream. These reactions were typically mild, including redness, itching, and small rashes, but were uncomfortable enough for sufferers to discontinue use. It should be noted that most of these individuals were sensitive-skinned, suggesting that, perhaps, Wexler’s line is largely intended for normal-skinned individuals.

Customers with a conscientious approach to chemical consumption were also displeased with the line, as all items do contain significant amounts of chemical ingredients. These chemicals are tested in the lab for safety—but some may be linked to unpleasant side effects such as rash outbreaks, and inflammation. Before taking on a new routine, it is important to complete a patch test.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

Wexler products are certainly not at the top of the pricing food chain, as all products come in at less than $100. The most expensive product, the Regenerating Serum, is only $65—a far cry from the $100-$300 price tags often seen on designer products. The line is available through Bath and Body Works, a retailer with plenty of online stock and a generous return policy, making it something of an insured purchase.

Most products are in the $25-$40 range, and last 1-2 months, making this line a more affordable option for men and women seeking high-quality anti-aging creams. Paired with the convenience of Bath and Body Works’ 100% guarantee, the Wexler line is certainly worth a try—even if you’re not yet convinced of its efficacy.

Is Wexler Worth the Price?

Wexler’s line is reasonably priced, providing a high-quality skincare line to men and women unable to drop hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams and serums. There are 15 products total to choose from, including night cream, eye cream, and microdermabrasion serum, making the line an excellent choice for anyone seeking an entirely new skincare routine—and for anyone seeking a little extra “oomph” in their anti-aging regimen.

Customers were largely pleased with their Wexler purchases, and rated Wexler products highly in terms of price, efficacy, and texture—usually due to the rich, velvety nature of most creams. Although an up-front investment of $20-$65 may seem steep, most users reported that the Wexler line lasts for quite some time, and often balances out with cheaper drugstore brands, as a little bit of each product goes quite a long way.

Ultimately, the Wexler line is likely to be a no-go for someone seeking an all-natural means of halting the aging process. Men and women who do not fear chemical components, and are in search of great prices will likely find an excellent match in this skincare line. 

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