Earth-Friendly Drugstore Cosmetics

Makeup is one of the least straightforward product genres in existence: walking into any drugstore or grocery store will yield countless options for every type of makeup, including mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, and blush. Choosing not only the best option for your needs, but the best option for your health can also prove tricky; although many brands possess earth and skin-friendly packing, often these packages are only healthy in appearance, rather than application. Physician’s Formula provides both effective coverage and skin-friendly ingredients.

What Is Physician’s Formula?

Physician’s Formula is a beauty brand originally created in 1937. What began as a small project (an allergist creating makeup for his sensitive-skinned wife) grew into a large business that, today, creates dozens of products using natural, safe, effective, and even organic ingredients.

Physician’s Formula has high safety standards, and does not allow any of the ingredients known to have detrimental effects on users (there are over 100—many of them commonly found in makeup and skincare products). For this reason, this particularly line is often recommended to patients by allergists, dermatologists, and even plastic surgeons. Unlike many natural products, however, Physician’s Formula is also devoted to affordability and accessibility—allowing its customers to step into most drugstores to find its wide range of products.

What Does the Line Offer?

Although the line focuses primarily on powder blends such as foundation, blush, bronzer, it has expanded to include virtually every aspect of makeup imaginable. The line has both pressed and loose powder, foundation, blush, eye makeup, mascara, bronzer, primer, liner, lip stain, and even some skincare. Physician’s Formula alone can readily fulfill all of your makeup needs.

Three of the line’s most popular products (bronzer, powder foundation, and blush) have been reviewed below.

Review: Bronze Booster Stones

The Bronze Booster Stones come in a small, shallow container, and are gathered into “stones,” or small round nodules. This allows the varying tones to show up and distribute evenly, creating a more natural-looking glow. This particular product comes in two shades: light to medium and medium to dark. The first is intended to deliver a barely-there tan to individuals with lighter skin tones, while the second is intended to provide darker skin tones with a glowing effect. At under $15, it is an excellent, skin-friendly alternative to a few hours spent out tanning.

Users are typically pleased with the Booster Stones, declaring them easy to apply and effective in blending with even the lightest skin tones, for a natural-looking glow. This is particularly useful for women with light, freckle-prone skin, as it provides the appearance of a tan without risking sun damage, burning, or additional freckling. Most users end up recommending the product to friends, whether using the item on a daily basis, or as more of a special-occasion look.

Although users were largely pleased, some did not like the amount of shimmer found in the beads. Although it is intended to add a glow to skin, some women did not want a glow—only a tan. The shimmer is light enough to not be considered a deal breaker for some, but encouraged others to seek out another, less sparkly option.

Review: Gentle Wear Powder Foundation

Gentle Wear Powder Foundation is a loose powder mineral foundation. The design of the container allows for a mess-free application, and includes both a small brush and a mirror to apply with. Over 10% of Gentle Wear is organic, including oils to moisturize skin after application. This is an excellent product for sensitive skin, as the ingredients are fragrance free, and entirely free of harsh chemicals, reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction or discomfort. Although this is a foundation, it is not intended for heavy coverage, and can be used over makeup to even out complexion, or alone.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, focusing mostly on the product’s ingredients. Even the sensitive-skinned were likely to use Gentle Wear without complaint. Customers who use the powder over makeup appreciate its ability to blend all aspects of their look together, and absorb the oil and moisture often left behind by liquid foundation. Users who apply the powder on its own were impressed by its ability to act as a full-coverage powder, evening skin tone in a light, even airy powder.

Customers who were displeased with the product did not like the overall feel of the powder, calling it heavy and caking. Given the large number of customers stating the opposite, this is likely due to a skin sensitivity. Consequently, Gentle Wear should be used sparingly the first handful of times, to ensure no negative reaction occurs.

Review: Magic Mosaic Blush

Like the Bronzer Stones, the Magic Mosaic Blush combines several different shades of color (mostly pink and red hues) to create a unique, readily-blended blush. The different shades may be all used together by swiping the applicator across all of the petals, or may be applied separately, by choosing a smaller brush and swiping only over the color desired. Whatever your needs, this compact is sure to contain at least one shade complementary to your skin tone. This particular product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and oil free—making it an excellent blush for acne-prone, oily, and sensitive skin.

Of the products reviewed, this one receives the least outstanding reviews, but is still liked by approximately 70-80% of its users. Pleased users note the versatility of Magic Mosaic, as it can be used as a light blush, or it may be combined to create a highlighting and contouring effect. Content users found that the product goes on smoothly, blends well, and does not contain any type of glitter or shimmer.

The easily-blendable nature of this product was also the source of some chagrin; women seeking a more dramatic blush were displeased with the almost-translucent tone of the Magic Mosaic, and encouraged individuals seeking flair to look elsewhere.


Although many might discount this brand for its price and presence in drugstores, Physician’s Formula is an excellent makeup line for anyone with:

  • Sensitive skin
  • A limited budget
  • Limited shopping availability
  • Limited knowledge of makeup application

The line offers users a no-fuss, novice-friendly line of makeup and skincare sure to win over most of its customer base.

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