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Anti-aging skincare products line the shelves of supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores, alike. Each of them promises stellar results, including more youthful skin, fewer wrinkles, and fewer age spots. Sadly, many of these products fail to deliver on their promises, leaving customers frustrated—and no more youthful than before. Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare line aims to please anti-age-seeking customers through powerful, high-quality ingredients—and very often delivers.

Who is Peter Thomas Roth?

Peter Thomas Roth is the brainpower behind The PTR line. His foray into skincare actually began as a quest for his own personal fulfillment; as a frequent sufferer of atrocious breakouts, he was eager to find (or develop) a series of skincare products that could effectively take care of his acne-related issues. As time wore on, he (understandably) began to delve into the anti-aging realm, and continued working to develop high-quality products, this time with a focus on anti-aging properties.

Started in 1993, Mr. Roth’s company is backed by not only his keen interest in skin care, but his parents; his parents owned two skincare-focused spas in his native Hungary, and were both careful in choosing products to use in their lines, and dedicated to incorporating the folk remedies so commonly found in their native land.

Why Is This Skincare Line Different?

This particular skincare line is different for several reasons:

  • Its origin
  • Its varied background
  • Its dedication to quality

PTR was borne from a family of skincare experts and aficionados, whose lives were dedicated to making skin clearer and brighter via their spas. His parents, a Hungarian man and woman, owned two spas blending quality ingredients with traditional remedies.

Despite this unique (and hands-on qualified) background, Roth suffered from acne and other epidermis troubles, leading him to go on a crusade, of sorts, to discover ingredients that delivered drastic, consistent results. His own struggles fueled him to dedicate all of his time and energy to not only finding a single remedy, but to continue his search in a life-long commitment to skincare.

Because of the aforementioned history, Roth’s skincare line is dedicated to finding and providing high-quality ingredients, incorporating both traditional remedies (through muds and minerals) and cutting-edge remedies, such as the breakthroughs made in retinol. As such, his line is a unique, varied one, with something for just about everyone.

What Types of Results Does PTR Deliver?

The PTR line has two particular woes that it caters to: acne, and aging. The first, acne, is targeted through attacking the source of acne, rather than simply attacking the symptoms, and fuses anti-bacterial ingredients with ingredients designed to improve the appearance of skin overall, creating an all-in-one product that can be used by acne-sufferers, and clear-skinned men and women, both.

The anti-aging line has different products formulated for different needs. These needs range from wrinkle care to spot erasure, to a general brightening and lightening of skin. Each PTR product is created to target these problem areas and deliver the strongest, most soothing solution, allowing men and women to travel through life without having to worry about what they find in the mirror.

Top 3 Performing Products

The Peter Thomas Roth line encompasses a wide range of products, including hair care items. However, there are several items that consistently perform well, and are rated highly among both customers and professional reviews. These are identified and discussed in greater detail below.

FIRMx Peeling Gel

FIRMx Peeling Gel is essentially an at-home chemical peel. Unlike most chemical peels, however, FIRMx is created using several plant extracts (including pineapple and pomegranate) and cellulose, and is far less harmful and drying to skin than traditional peels. This product is unique, both in price (approximately $50) and delivery, as it is suitable for all skin types and needs.

Customers are, by and large, pleased with the performance of FIRMx, citing it as the holy grail for virtually all woes, including acne and wrinkles. Most customers see drastic results in a single use, though continued use produces continued results. Most notably, many men and women with sensitive skin used this product, and did not experience adverse effects such as redness, dryness, or rash. This product is highly regarded by users, and is considered a prime exfoliant.

Some customers had trouble ordering the product from a third party seller, and felt that the product was not legitimate. In these cases, it is usually best to purchase from authorized third-party sellers only.

Cucumber Gel Mask

Few products are formulated for dry skin, as this particular malady is difficult to contend with. However, the Cucumber Mask was created solely for this purpose, and promises soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin, using ingredients such as cucumber, papaya, and sugarcane extract, which are all used to sooth and hydrate problematic skin.

Like the Peeling Gel, the Cucumber Mask is useful not just for hydrating dry skin, but has actually been useful for many customers with acne and discoloration troubles. Many find the mask its most effective when placed in the refrigerator and used first thing in the morning—though it can be used, and is effective at any time of day.

Although customers did not typically have issues with the product itself, more customers than usual discovered that their product came broken or in some way defective. Fortunately, these customers did not experience difficulty returning their defective items.

Camu Camu Power x 30

This particular serum is geared toward the anti-aging crowd. The ingredients include the camu camu berry, which contains high concentrations of vitamin C. Paired with vitamins A, D and E, Camu Camu x 30 packs a powerful anti-aging punch. Although it comes in at a slightly higher price point of $85, it delivers a series of strong ingredients to fight free radicals, resulting in a smoother, more youthful visage.

Most customers are pleased with this product, citing it as the source of reduced pore size, smoother skin, and a brighter complexion. Most use this product in conjunction with the PTR moisturizer, and find the combination a winning one.

While most customers were pleased, a handful were disappointed in the item’s performance. This may have been due, in large part, to the product being a counterfeit; again, if any products are sold from unauthorized third-party sellers, you run the risk of receiving either an expired product, or an inauthentic one.

Is Peter Thomas Roth Worthy of My Time?

Most PTR customers are pleased with their purchase and find the line more than adequate for their needs. Because this particular skin care line offers such a wide variety of products there are sure to be at least one item to suit your needs. Although they’re not the cheapest, most products come in at under $100, making them a must-try for people of all needs and ages.

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