Have you come across the Meaningful Beauty (MB) infomercial featuring a bevy of Hollywood stars? Most of the depictions and claims may have left you wondering whether this brand and its products are worth all the hype. This review is an objective look at the real value of this line of cosmetic products.

MB has been vividly covered in a well publicized infomercial featuring the likes of Valerie Bertinelli, Cindy Crawford and Jean-Louis “Wrinkle Slayer” Sebagh, the renowned French cosmetic surgeon.

While it is impossible for such a motley collection of glitterati as the infomercial features to fail to impress, the almost-hyperbolic testimonials and a price tag to tempt any wallet certainly do raise eyebrows. Surely, it is not possible for an anti-aging product to be so good. This was my first impression on hearing about this product line and there are no prizes for guessing my next question:


Could this be a scam?

To determine whether MB is really a working formula, let’s go through some excerpts in the infomercial mentioned above:

  • The infomercial shows a series of Cindy Crawford’s photos (apparently snapped up by paparazzi) at 28 years and over a decade later (at 43) and you have to admit, there is scarcely any signs of aging to speak of in her appearance.

This begs the question: Does Cindy owe the remarkable state of her appearance to her own brand of anti-aging products? If Wikipedia is anything to go by, she definitely has had some help on the way. The Wikipedia article states that Cindy openly admits to have subjected herself to a series of cosmetic procedures including having vitamin injections and Botox.

  • The complete cosmetics line is available at $47

At $47, one gets a month’s supply of MB products but there is more to this offer than meets the eye. Although this price seems considerably low, the items are packaged in really small bottles and tubes. Moreover, there is more dirt hidden in the small print. If you don’t unsubscribe from the offer, the company will automatically bill you for the following month and if you fail to pay up or send the items back in 60 days, you will have to pay up to $150, which is in fact equivalent to the 90 day subscription. This is one of the features of this product that many consumers are complaining about. There is also the claim that cancelling a subscription is a tall order.


My Verdict

Calling the Meaningful Beauty offer fraudulent let alone a scam would be stretching things too far. To be objective, some of its claims are unrealistic and the business itself is questionable. On the other hand, the product itself elicits a different opinion. If reviews posted by users are anything to go by, there are many who have found that the products do deliver discernible results, which more than you can say for many other anti-aging products. Even those who appear to be turned off by the way they conduct business have almost invariably posted positive reviews on the effectiveness of this product line.


Do you Have to Buy the Entire  Set of Products?

This is only compulsory if you order them through Guthy Renker Services. However, you can also buy individual products you would prefer through online stores such as Amazon.

Now let’s take a look at some of these individual products:


The Cindy Crawford Double Effect Capsule

The Double Effect capsule is by far the most popular of the products in the MB package. It is worth noting that the capsules should not be taken orally as the name may imply. They are applied directly on the skin. One of the active ingredients in the capsules is Hyaluronic Acid which is crucial in restoring the skin’s moisture and suppleness. It also helps to reduce the presence of fine lines on aging skin. The capsules also contain Lipo Peptide Complex- compounds which help to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Some of the consumer responses regarding this product prove that it actually does have a positive impact on the skin. A woman in her prime reported that her dry skin had been evened out and her fine lines reduced. Many consumers say that the capsule improves the skin’s texture, making it silky smooth.


Glowing Serum

Meaningful Beauty’s Glowing serum is a product that helps bring out a glowing skin as suggested by the name. This is one product in the MB’s product line that comes highly recommended. You should apply the glowing serum before using makeup or any kind of moisturizer.

The serum has received plenty of praise, outdoing appreciation for any other product in the MB package. Users have recommended it for touch up and as a refresher while others consider it the perfect make up product.

It is worth noting that despite the positive reviews posted about MB products, consumers tend to complain about purchasing  from Guthy Renker Services. This is mainly due to refund issues and the hefty credit card payments. As such, it may be advisable to purchase the products separately through online retailers.