Product that Serves as Anti-Aging and Moisturizer

The importance of hydration is pushed by just about everyone out there—doctors, dermatologists, fitness experts, nutrition experts, and even our mothers. Although most men and women know get an adequate intake of water each day, this is often just not enough to hydrate skin in a world filled with harsh, drying elements and chemicals.

Enter: Strivectin SD. This product is a cream designed to infuse skin with enough moisture to target (and prevent) the most stubborn of ailments, including stretch marks and wrinkles.

Strivectin: Devoted to Hydration

Strivectin is not new to the skincare scene; the brand has been around for 35 years, and has over 90 global patents. This brand seeks to provide women around the world with products that make them feel their best, using ingredients and formulas proven to work. These skincare solutions cover a broad range of needs—but one of the most popular products is the SD formula—the formula dedicated to reaching deep down to provide skin with intense, powerful hydration.

The Strivectin SD formula is a powerful one. Its sole purpose is to imbue skin with rich hydration, resulting in a brighter, more youthful visage. Using a combination of skin-loving ingredients, such as plant extracts, and chemical formulations intended to lock in moisture, Strivectin SD is a veritable miracle-worker for men and women in need of simple hydration and powerful anti-aging agents.

Strivectin SD

“Transform the look of your skin in just 15 days” is the product’s tag line—either a bold promise, or a powerful misdirection. According to customers, thankfully, the former seems to be the case.

Strivectin SD customers will recognize one of the product’s primary ingredients: shea butter. In addition to this tried-and-true method of moisturizing is Strivectin’s patented collagen-stimulating technology, claiming to encourage the product of collagen III, or “youth collagen.” Once youth collagen has begun production, users will begin to see a noticeable difference in wrinkles, fine lines, skin hydration, texture, and even stretch marks.

How is this achieved? For best results, the formula should be applied to clean skin morning and night—either on the face, or on the stretch-mark-affected area. If your face has spots particularly prone to wrinkles, take care to carefully massage the product into these areas. Clinical tests showed that users who consistently followed this routine noticed a significant decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, dry patches, and sagging skin.

Customers: Likes and Dislikes

The Praises

The number of customers over the age of 55 who use this and rave about it is staggering. Although many anti-aging products have high reviews from men and women seeking to prevent aging, it is rare to find a product so unanimously praised by everyone who have already begun aging. The most common praise comes regarding wrinkles. Most users find a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles—including deep wrinkles—after only two weeks. One woman was pleased (and shocked) to find that the wrinkles around her mouth were eradicated with only 10 sporadic uses of the product.

While these dramatic transformation anecdotes are wonderful for men and women who have developed deep wrinkles, what about those who are on the lower end of the spectrum, and are just starting out their anti-aging regimen? These users, too, noticed powerful results—though results typically revolved more around overall brightening and plumping than drastic wrinkle reduction.

Men and women seeking to reduce or prevent stretch marks also swear by Strivectin, citing it as the reason for tighter, more toned skin. Although these customers are careful to acknowledge that they also exercise and eat well, they firmly believe Strivectin is a large source of their stretch mark reduction—or prevention. This is true of pregnant women, and women who are embarking on a weight loss journey and are afraid of losing elasticity.

The Complaints

Some users have found that the product does not deliver as beautifully as others suggest. Usually, customers who do not see positive results also see redness, peeling, or rashes during use, suggesting that a significant portion of failure is due to skin sensitivity. If skin sensitivity does occur, cease use immediately, and consider using an all-natural moisturizer such as olive or coconut oil.

Some users loved the product, but were not able to stomach the $80 price tag. Although many people would consider this worth it, $80 for less than 6 ounces is not affordable for everyone on a strict budget. That being said, still others found third-party sellers offering the product at a lower price. Some were pleased with what they found, while others discovered their purchased products were counterfeit.

If you would like to try Strivectin SD, consider purchasing a sample size to ensure no negative reaction occurs, to save money, and to make sure you receive an authentic budget-friendly product.

Comparable Products

There are comparable products, although these don’t typically boast the same high reviews. These include Mederma Stretch Mark Cream and Foxbrim’s Peptide Complex Serum.

Mederma’s stretch mark cream, while formulated specifically for stretch marks, typically relieves users more readily of their regular scars. This could be due to the nature of stretch marks as deep-tissue tears. Some women found that Mederma’s stretch mark cream was effective in preventing stretch marks, but did not provide powerful enough results to lessen the appearance of existing ones. If you are seeking a more budget-friendly stretch mark prevention cream, Mederma may be able to help.

In a similar vein, Foxbrim’s Peptide Complex Serum provides a budget-friendly means of stimulating collagen production. The key difference between Foxbrim and Strivectin lies in the moisturizing properties; although Strivectin’s formula places a high premium on moisturizing, Foxbrim’s places more emphasis on collagen production, and is not intended to be used as the sole source of moisturizing.

Is Strivectin Worth the Hype?

Most customers would, unanimously, answer “yes!” Although there are products out there that boast some of the same benefits, few of these products combine the anti-aging and moisturizing efforts of Strivectin for under $100. With consistent use and a compatible skin type, users can expect to see a marked difference in the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks in as little as two weeks.

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