When I started dermarolling more than 3 years ago, I purchased a cheap $10 roller from eBay and almost quit even for I began. The roller was very poorly constructed, squeaky and the microneedles started to rust after less than 2 weeks of use. Thankfully, I decided to persist, ditching the low quality roller for better ones, which I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have gotten the results I wanted for my face if I decided to quit. 

Not every dermaroller is made the same and to help you find a roller that is suitable for your condition, below I review roller brands that I’ve use and my experience using them:


1. The New Spa Derma Roller

I recommend this roller because I believe it offers the best balance between quality & price.

As you would have known from my main review page, the first brand of roller I used was the Dr. Roller brand. While I think it is still the best in terms of quality, it was a bit of a strain on my budget, because derma rollers have to be changed every 3 to 6 months or so. So I was delighted when I got the New Spa roller for under $25.

The New Spa roller is now my regular roller and I like that it is a very sturdily constructed unit with none of the squeakiness that you get with cheaper rollers. The needle quality is also high and does not become bent or blunt with prolonged use.

After about 6 months of regular microneedling, I found that the acne scars on my cheeks and temples are much less obvious (a 60% improvement if you ask me to put a number to it.

I started off using the 1.5mm model and stepped up to the 2.0mm length after my skin got conditioned to microneedling. Now I do not do microneedle treatment so frequently, but I still do maintenance treatment every 2 weeks or so using 1.5mm needles.


2. The Dr Roller Dermaroller

As I mentioned before, this was the very first derma roller I used and I was very impressed with its quality. The microneedles are all made of surgical grade metal and even the plastic handle feels very solid.

This roller is manufactured in South Korea & also FDA listed.

If you are someone who looks out for top quality then this dermaroller should definitely be considered.


3. Scientia Derma Roller

Readers often ask me where to purchase derma rollers if they are based outside of the US or North America. To be very honest I had no clue at all as I purchased all my rollers in the States.

Well, it turned out that there is a company called Drug-Aware based in the United Kingdom that supplies derma rollers globally.

The good news is that they now offer the sale of their rollers through their online store and ships globally.

So if you are based outside North America, you might want to check them out. They also offer periodical discounts and free creams and lotions to be used in conjunction with dermarolling.