Hair Loss Shampoos and Other Treatment Products Compared

A cursory glance over a magazine rack or cache of online article reveals one thing: hair matters. Numerous articles are devoted to getting the best tresses for this year, for your texture, for your coloring—ad infinitum. It comes as no surprise, then, that the symptoms of hair loss and thinning sparks something like panic into the hearts of men and women. While a thinning mane can be a very real issue, simple treatments and remedies are available, and outlined below.

Hair Loss Shampoos

PhytoWorx Organic Shampoo

PhytoWorx organic shampoo is an excellent starter product, particularly for (as the name suggests) its organic ingredients. This shampoo is perhaps best known for its plant stem cells; these stem cells are used to target hair loss and reinvigorate growth. Combined with essential oils, PhytoWorx delivers a truly worthy blend to minimize and reverse the damage caused by thinning locks.

By and far, PhytoWorx customers are pleased with this product. In addition to noticing new growth, most customers see an improvement in the overall texture of tresses, including greater strength, softer strands, greater body, and a reduction in loss. While most users saw these changes after only a few uses, regrowth took longer—usually within six weeks. While some users were not experiencing drastic loss, they uniformly agreed that the shampoo provided more thickness to even the most difficult, fine manes.

Some users experienced difficulty with this product. Due to the essential oil ingredients, some users found that the product left a greasy residue, rather than a squeaky clean feeling. For men and women experiencing this difficulty, however, there were some fixes:

  • Realize that many organic, or “healthy” products for locks do not contain harsh ingredients that lather. This means strands may feel weighed down or oily compared to harsh products.
  • Understand that, many times, hair requires a readjustment period, and may over-produce oils before balance is restored.
  • If, after two weeks, your mane is still weighed down, wash with a clarifying shampoo. This should remove build up and eliminate the oily feeling.

Pura D’Or Organic Shampoo

While PhytoWorx’s formula uses plant stem cells to encourage new growth, Pura’s formula relies primarily on DHT blockers—ingredients found in re-growth formulas such as Rogaine. Unlike Rogaine, however, Pura’s other ingredients are organic and natural, shying away from chemical preservatives, parabens, and sulfates. Organic extracts and DHT blockers work to not only reduce loss, but to give new life to follicles and awaken deadened strands.

The majority of Pura D’Or customers saw results when using this shampoo. Common consensus reveals that most see a significant reduction in loss after only a few uses, while actual regrowth takes a bit longer; most see some regrowth within 60 days, while a reduction in loss takes only 7 days to notice. In addition to reducing hair loss and increasing growth, Pura’s product provides more fullness, shine, and body to tresses after the first few uses, also creating the illusion of s fuller mane. Users were also pleased with the mild scent of the product.

The most common complaint came from this shampoo’s tendency to cause dry locks to become even drier and potentially brittle. Men and women with naturally dry hair found this product too drying, resulting in static-filled tresses, and some breakage.


Hair Loss Treatments

NuNutrients Advanced Hair Regrowth for Men

NuNutrients is a spray formula targeted specifically toward men. The formula contains acids and enzymes also intended to block DHT production, allowing follicles to remain open and healthy, preventing both thinning and balding. The formula includes plant extracts aimed toward reducing the inflammation that often accompanies balding, resulting not only in renewed growth and thicker existing strands, but also in feelings of greater comfort and improved texture of both the hair and scalp. The product’s spray bottle delivery offers convenience and a more even spread of product.

The product’s delivery method is most often praised—unlike many creams, men found that simply spraying the product on, massaging it in, and allowing it to dry proved both easier and more comfortable than trying to massage a heavy cream into the scalp while avoiding the length of tresses. Users typically see greater thickness after only 3-4 uses, with the majority seeing new growth in 6-8 weeks. The men who saw the greatest new growth were in the beginning stages of balding, rather than the late stages; however, even those in late balding stages saw noticeable changes in thickness and texture.

Some users did not experience regrowth at all. Among those users were men who experience rashes or lightheadedness in reaction to using the product. These users were able to return the product without hassle. Before using, consider conducting a safety test: spray a small amount of product on wrist or nape of neck and wait overnight to test for adverse reactions.

Ultrax Lab’s Hair Maxx Supplement

Keratin is an ingredient known to have an excellent effect on locks; not only does keratin smooth existing locks, it also provides necessary ingredients to get and maintain thick, voluminous, healthy strands. Ultrax Lab’s supplement contains a solubilized keratin that is absorbed internally, distributing ingredients from the inside out. In addition to keratin, the supplement contains DHT blockers and vitamins geared toward improving circulation, resulting in a product that targets each individual cause of loss at one time. Each bottle contains a 1 month supply, and should be taken by mouth twice daily.

Most users consider this supplement a must-have in their medicine cabinet. While most do not take the supplement for regrowth (but instead use it for loss reduction), many users see both a reduction in hair loss, and an increase in new growth. Many users see a significant change in as little as two weeks, with many swearing by the product after 6 months of use.

While reviews were overwhelmingly positive, some users did have a negative experience. The most common negative experience involved the product simply not improving hair growth. Some users, however, experienced a rash on the scalp, resulting in greater scalp agitation and reduced growth.

The Verdict Is In

Each of these products has the same results to offer, delivered in a variety of ways. Whether you are seeking a cease-fire for hair loss or a product to encourage growth, one of these products is bound to be for you. The shampoos are best for women with thinning hair, while the spray is made specifically for men. Individuals seeking a healthy boost for hair internally would do well to purchase the Ultra Lab supplement.

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