Prescribed Solution for an Acne-Free Skin in 2-4 Months

As many movies can attest, acne is supposed to be the bane of a teenager’s life. What happens, though, when acne stretches well beyond your teenage years, and trickles over into your adult life—or, even worse, well into middle age and beyond? Although there are untold products claiming to erase it, few are actually able to fit the bill with adult acne.

 What Causes Acne?

Acne has many different causes, including hormones, clogged pores, poor hygiene practices, and genetic factors. Although some of these require inward changes (hormonal imbalances and genetic factors), most issues can be cleared up with the use of a topical cream and a change in your hygiene regimen.

Whatever the cause, there is sure to be a solution for your pimple woes. Rather than diagnosing yourself and wasting hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars on expensive creams and quick-fix serums, consult your dermatologist. Your dermatologist is trained not only to assist you, but to recognize the countless facets of your skin that could help determine what exactly is causing your pimples, and what needs to be done to make a change.



Ziana is not your average drugstore acne product. While drugstore products typically work on the surface of skin alone, hoping to erase the signs and symptoms of acne, Ziana is a prescription-grade treatment that works itself deep into pores to target the root causes of acne.

Because of this, it cannot be purchased at your local drugstore, and cannot be self-prescribed. In order to use the product, you must first visit your family doctor or dermatologist, and receive a prescription for the item.

 Who Is Ziana?

Ziana is a prescription drug company, dedicate to providing relief from pimples. The formula is created with many different types of acne in mind, as it contains both an antibiotic and a topical retinoid—both items proven to fight acne related to hygiene concerns, clogged pores, and excess sebum production. Although some users with hormonal acne experience relief using Ziana, this is not the most commonly-prescribed item for hormonal troubles.

This particular medication is formulated for patients 12 years and older, and should not be used in younger children or on men and women with extremely sensitive skin; on sensitive skin, it can cause peeling, redness, and inflammation.

Company History and Goal

Ziana is created by Medicis, a pharmaceutical company under the heading of Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Valeant (and its subsidiaries) places a heavy focus on performance, and is dedicated to providing its customers with products using the latest and greatest in pharmaceutical development. Headquarters are stationed in Quebec, Canada, and have been operating for 15 years.

In addition to placing a high value on quality, Valeant places a high priority on teamwork and innovation. As a result, it has been among the leaders in not only skincare products, but other pharmaceutical offerings, including neurological medicine.


Customer Opinions

Most customers who raved about Ziana suffered from chronic, cystic acne—most often affecting the chin. These same users were typically 40 and over, and discovered flare-ups later in life, rather than during their teenage years. These users typically rave about the product, citing it as the primary reason for their improved skin.

Many users found that their skin grew increasingly oily when using the product, but few found this problematic enough to discontinue use. Most users also found that their skin underwent a dry and purge period, lasting anywhere from two weeks to two months. Following this period, however, the majority of users see drastic improvements in skin, including reduced lines, scarring, and dark spots.

Many teenagers also saw great results with Ziana, and discovered a significant reduction in pimples on the forehead, chin, and nose. Several customers suffered from acne for years before finding Ziana, and tried virtually every cream (over the counter and prescription) for several years, before finally finding this product. Although most people do experience a detoxing period—which is usually mentioned by your dermatologist—the results are a “practically perfect finish,” as one user described.

Although most customers were pleased with their experience, some had to discontinue use of the product—usually due to irritation. While it is an intense moisturizing cream for some, still others find the formula too harsh, and experience severe rash and dryness, resulting in scabbing and peeling. After discontinuing use, most of these customers found that their skin returned to normal within 1-2 weeks.

As mentioned above, some users experienced an increase in oil production. While most found the payoff of clear skin worth the oil, some were too frustrated by the additional oil to continue using the gel. If this is you, consider sticking it out; some users saw the additional oil ebb with continued use.

Safety Hazards

As with any pharmaceutical product, Ziana does come with some possible side effects. The mildest of side effects are to be expected, and include:

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Peeling

The more problematic side effects are far more noticeable and include problems such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nose and throat inflammation
  • Coughing
  • Sinus inflammation

If any of these symptoms appear, or any mild symptoms persist, consult your doctor; Ziana might not be the right medication for you.

Is Ziana a Worthwhile Product?

Ziana is an excellent acne treatment for teenagers and adults, both. Whether you suffer from stubborn blackheads, or all-out cystic acne, it has the potential to end your suffering. Although some customers experience difficulty with the product, many are able to tackle their problems and overcome them in a matter of months—months that fly by for men and women who have suffered from stubborn, persistent skin problems for years on end.

With the help of a dermatologist and Ziana, you could be on your way to radiant, acne-free skin in 2-4 months. Remember, though: it is a prescription treatment. Any product you find online, that does not require the signature of a physician, is going to be a fraud or illegally sold. Do things the right way; contact your dermatologist, get to the root of your acne, and see if Ziana is right for you.

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